Field Education

The Master’s of Organizational Psychology program requires that each student complete an organizational development project that includes approximately 80 hours of supervised fieldwork.  Fieldwork is comprised of a combination of face time with the Field Site Supervisor and clients, individual preparation and/or research depending upon the needs of the organization, and class instruction (online and in-person).  Field Education projects vary depending on the needs of the field site. Some examples include organizational assessment and feedback, change management, team development, facilitation and training, research and benchmarking, facilitation of focus groups, and strategic human resources projects (such as the development of on-boarding programs, succession management). 

The field education provides students with a real-world opportunity to apply the concepts and theories they learn while at the same time assisting field sites in improving some performance aspect of their organization. Great care is exercised to match students with field experiences that will enrich and enhance their classroom learning and promote their professional and personal development.

Here is a sampling of past Field Projects 

  • Health Disparities Interventions with Cultural lnsight/Harvard Pilgrim
  • Team Development at YMCA
  • Alumni Relations Assessment at William James College
  • Strategic Planning and Assessment at Navigated Breakthrough Consulting Group
  • Organizational Development Assessment at Laboure College
  • Team Development Assessment and Interventions at Brigham and Women's Primary Care

This web page contains all the forms both students and site supervisors will need for completing fieldwork projects. Below is a description of the purpose of each.

Instructions for resume and cover letter writing

This document instructs students, who wish to use an William James College field site, how to update their resume and create a cover letter to ready them to apply to the site.

Resume and Cover Letter Instructions (pdf)


Signed contracts are required of all students before credit for any fieldwork can commence. Students collaborate with their advisor, site supervisor and William James College’s Associate Director of Field Education (ADFE) to design a project and craft learning goals. The contract is completed by the student and describes the project as designed. It must be first approved by the ADFE and the student’s  onsite supervisor. Once an electronic  copy is received by the ADFE students may begin fieldwork.

Field Placement Learning Journal

All field placement students are required to track their work (content and hours) in a learning journal.  Journaling their experiences gives them perspective, encapsulates their learnings, and assists their work with their supervisor.

Mid-project Evaluation Form

This form is completed by the onsite supervisor at the project midpoint (40 hours). Students initiate the evaluation process by sending the Supervisor's Mid-project Evaluation Form to their field placement onsite supervisor and fill out the same form for a self-evaluation. Both student and onsite supervisor then send the signed forms to the ADFE. Students are expected to drive this process and and initiate completion of the midpoint evaluation with their onsite supervisor when they have completed 40 hours.

Final Evaluation Form

Onsite supervisors fill this out at the close of the student’s field assignment. Onsite supervisors provide comments and suggest a Credit or No Credit assessment. Students are expected to initiate the final evaluation process and deliver this form to their site supervisor and get an electronic signed copy returned to William James College’s ADFE by the last WIR of their program  to receive credit for fieldwork.

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