William James College in The News

Each year, the press has taken an interest in some of the major events at William James College and seek out members of our community to comment on important clinical and legislative issues. Here are a few examples:

August 2015
7 Minutes That Set a Child’s Course for Tragedy
Psychologists and Torture: We Need Root-and-Branch Reform
May 2015
Actor Joey ‘Pants’ Pantoliano discusses mental illness
April 2015
Tsarnaev trial helps heal a violent world by Richard Mollica
How Can Veterans Help Other Veterans Transition Back Into Society
February 2015
Kevlar for the Mind: Helping professions for veterans
January 2015
For Haitians, psychic toll of 2010 earthquake cries out for care
Hope links Haiti, Boston 5 years after quake
Family remembers daughter lost in Haiti earthquake on 5th anniversary of her death
December 2014
Family New Year's resolutions: When kids are involved, balance is key
Stress-Busting During The Christmas Rush
Heal Your Mind: Find the best treatment for what's troubling you, plus how to make it actually affordable
November 2014
The red hot business of divorce celebration
Silent Wars: Helping Vets Fight Mental Health Battles At Home
Program Prepares Vets for Careers in Mental Health
October 2014
Psychology School Lands $715,000 Federal Grant for Intern Program
August 2014
A Window into Mental Health, Social Media Can't Sub for Human Link
When 'Super Mom' is super sad: Pressures haunt new parents
How to Deal With the Stress of Debt
Back to School: Stress Prevention Tips. New school year can often mean new obstacles for your student.
How to Find a Social Life After the Death of a Spouse
Why Robin Williams' Passing Is a Reminder to Bring Mental Illness Into the Spotlight
Interview with Nadja Reilly about childhood depression
Why Parents Need to Communicate with Teachers
Democrat Martha Coakley lands new union endorsements in race to become governor of Massachusetts
July 2014
Market Basket controversy impact on emotions
Personal touches won loyalty at Market Basket
ViewPoint: Our gubernatorial candidates should not be alone in addressing mental health
Interview with Robin Deutsch about Abigail Hernandez
Independence Day can be a difficult time for veterans with PTSD
Divorce Can Impact Children's Weight
Organizational psychology cited as 'fast growing' job
June 2014
School counselor pitches counseling referral service
Gubernatorial candidates sound off on mental health
Gubernatorial candidates debate issues in mental health-focused forum
Lessons from Santa Barbara: Why We Need a Long-Term Approach to Ending Violence
May 2014
Local Organization Helps Veterans Return to Civilian Life
Overcoming Cultural Stigmas About Mental Illness And Barriers To Treatment
February 2014
A look at the profession: then and now
January 2014
A Psychology Degree Can Take You Places