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Boston Globe: WJC’s Asian Mental Health Program Highlighted as Resource to Support Rising AAPI Mental Health Needs

Dr. Catherine Vuky, director of the Asian Mental Health program (AMH), spoke to the Globe on behalf of William James College and the AMH program which were mentioned as local resources available to help support the AAPI community and create paths for aspiring clinicians who wish to serve the population.

Voice of San Diego: Faculty Expert Shares Insight on Suicide Rate of Women in Military

Dr. Jenny D'Olympia was interviewed for a Voice of San Diego article regarding the suicide rate of female soldiers. The article found that women aged 17 – 30 in the military are more than two times as likely to die by suicide as civilian women in the same age bracket.

Dr. Kris Taylor Co-Leads Training on Effective Implementation of Equitable and Inclusionary Practices

The Center for Behavioral Health, Equity, and Leadership in Schools (BHELS) at William James College joined the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS) Executive Institute to promote the critical work of educational equity, racial understanding, and organizational transformation.

William James College Honors Longtime Faculty Members’ Impact on College and Students at Transition Celebrations

William James College faculty, staff, and alumni gathered for two events in the month of June to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of a group of ten faculty members who announced they would be moving on from the College this summer.

Margaret Hannah Awarded Florence H. Lerman Mintz Award

“Through her work, [Margaret Hannah] has truly met the need and made the difference for countless people across the Commonwealth.”

Dr. Jenny D'Olympia on GBH, Nurses Feel Pandemic Mental Health Strain

After more than a year of caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and facing conditions like many have not seen before, Nurses are experiencing unprecedented levels of mental health strain, immense stress, fatigue, and emotional trauma.

Do You Have Voter Stress Disorder?


Faculty Spotlight: Couples and Family Therapist

Jacqueline Gagliardi’s interest in psychology began at a very young age. She was curious about why people chose to behave in the ways they did; why some relationships were successful and why others appeared to fail.

7 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Bring Some Spark Into Your Relationship

Dr. Jodie Kliman, Core Faculty in the Clinical Psychology Department, was quoted by Care.com in an article

Gagliardi Receives Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy

On March 26, 2015, Jacqueline Gagliardi, LMFT, Program Director for the Counseling Psychology and Couples and Family Therapy Program at William James College


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