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Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

In one way or another, Sarah E. Abbott, PhD, Director of the Center for Crisis Response and Behavioral Health, has spent the majority of her career at the intersection of individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and the community at large. Her first exposure to work in America (after earning her BA at home, in England) came via recruitment by a nonprofit agency in central Massachusetts where Abbott spent several nights each week in a residential group home for individuals ages 18-25 with a mental health condition. While there, she witnessed first-hand the challenges associated when police responded to calls—which didn’t always go well.

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The Psychology of Men and Masculinities: Campus Lunch and Learn with Modesto Jesus Hevia, PsyD

As societal views of gender change, new perspectives of masculinity, femininity, and traditional gender roles are evolving. For Modesto Jesus Hevia, PsyD, Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Department at William James College, the topic rife for exploration if, as a society, we are to bring...

Dr. Jenny D'Olympia and Dr. Angela Taveira-Dick Provide Expertise and Guidance to This Old House

Military personnel and their families face numerous stressors when making a permanent change of station move. Two William James College faculty members, Dr. Jenny D'Olympia and Dr. Angela Taveira-Dick, recently sat down with This Old House Reviews to discuss common challenges military personnel face,...

Collaborating to Embrace the Most Vulnerable Haitian Migrants: Center for Workforce Development to Host Conference Aimed at Fostering the Well-Being of Haitian Mothers and Children Through Community-Based Partnerships

For two members of the William James College community in particular, the humanitarian crisis that persists in Haiti is not simply devastating, it’s deeply personal. “For those of us who live in the diaspora, home is always very close to our heart,” says Gemima St. Louis, PhD, Vice President of...

Kudos to Kinscherff: Long-time Professor and Forensics Expert Contributes to Landmark Decision by State Supreme Judicial Court

Distilling the myriad career interests of Robert Kinscherff, Phd, JD, down to a single, salient takeaway begs an abundance of creativity. The self-described clinical and forensic psychologist turned attorney enjoys spending time at the intersection of neuroscience and related behavioral sciences, including...

William James College Awarded $2.4 Million from Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital Community Health Impact Funds

Newton, MA — William James College (WJC) is the recipient of Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital’s (BWFH) Community Health Impact Funds in support of its Community Health Workers Pathway Program (CHWPP), which is designed to build linguistic and cultural capacity in the behavioral health paraprofessional...

Meet the WJC Admissions Team

Are you interested in going back to school? Meet the William James College Admissions Team, hear their application advice, and schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Better Together: Behavioral Health Service Corps.℠ Partners with Eliot Community Human Services to Provide College Graduates Paid, Hands-On Experience

Growing up, Carolina Jaldin attributes regular exposure to behavioral health services provided through her school as instrumental in processing some of the trauma she grew up with. “I can't imagine what my childhood would have looked like without the tools to comprehend all of what I was feeling,”...

Clinical and Counseling Students, Alumni, and Faculty Attend the American Psychology-Law Society Conference

Students, alumni, and faculty from the Clinical Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs attended the annual AP-LS conference in Los Angeles last week to present their research to mental health and legal professionals from around the world.

Why Careers in Public Sector Mental Health Matter: William James College Convenes Conversation with Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

The fact that there are people with mental health needs in our community, whose voices are hard to hear, is what motivates Commissioner Brooke Doyle, MEd, in her work with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH)—the largest provider of psychiatric hospital services in the Commonwealth....

Moving the Needle Forward: CFAR Concentration Aims to Train Clinicians Keen on Supporting Children and Families Facing Adversity

A growing awareness of mental health issues in children and families, a largely underserved group in the mental health field, has given rise to an urgent need for evidence-based treatments to address this trend. “Historically, it's been a crisis,” says Julie Ryan, PhD, Director, Children and Families...


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