Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

We celebrate that disability is a form of diversity. We partner with faculty and staff toward an inclusive learning environment where students with disabilities can participate effectively, thrive and succeed.

Who We Are

Our staff has an extensive background in supporting students with disabilities in higher education under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amended 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. We listen to students and value their perspectives about their own experiences. If you think you may need accommodation related to a temporary or permanent condition, please reach out to us at our contact information below.


The best way to reach our staff initially is to email From that outreach we can provide a link to schedule a time to consult. Our Phone/Fax is 617-477-2060. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Who We Support

We support students with permanent and temporary disabilities. For example, we can assist with conditions such as ADHD, LD, mental health diagnoses, medical diagnoses, mobility, and sensory disabilities as well as temporary conditions such as concussion, injury, and more.


Our staff can meet with students to learn about their needs and understand the student’s experience of their disability as well as information provided by their providers. We can assist with academic accommodations, assistive technology, accessible materials, physical access, as well as other supports.

How to Request Accommodations

If you think you may need to request accommodations, please email at the address above. Our staff will follow up to schedule an initial consultation. To learn more about the kind of information we need to receive in support of a request for accommodations please see our Documentation Guidelines.

Students Needing Accommodations in Their Field Placement Setting

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) assists students with the ADA accommodations process for courses, programs, and facilities at William James College. This is to ensure accessibility at the College. If students need accommodations in their field placement settings, they should discuss their accommodation needs directly with the Human Resources Department of the field placement organization. Each organization is obligated to do the ADA process and is best suited to know what accommodations may or may not be reasonable in their setting. If a student needs accommodations in their field placement location, they can reach out to SAS for help with how to best approach the ADA process within their site. WJC may be able to help the student provide necessary information but the allowed accommodations would be part the ADA process with that organization or agency. If you have questions, please reach out to


If a student feels they need to appeal a decision about accommodations, the student can reach out to Dean of Students in writing. Please include a full description of the request with any facts that support approval of the accommodation as well as efforts made to resolve the question through Student Accessibility Services. Please also provide any other information relevant to the determination (including supporting documentation as available). Please note, this is a confidential process and health information will not be shared beyond what is necessary to process the appeal. The Dean of Students will issue a written decision in response to the appeal. 

US Department of Education Contact Information

Individuals may always contact the following regarding allegations of disability discrimination in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504:

Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights
400 Maryland Avenue
SW, Washington, DC 20202-1100
Telephone:  800-421-3481
FAX: 202-453-6012
TTY# 800-877-8339

Boston Office, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 8th Floor
5 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109-3921
Telephone: 617-289-0111
FAX: 617-289-0150