Student Employment

Employment Opportunities for Students

William James College offers part-time student employment opportunities in many academic and administrative departments, including library services, institutional research, The Brenner Center for Psychological Assessment and Testing, career services, field education, and alumni relations. The average work schedule can range from 5–15 hours per week. The hourly wage is $16 per hour. Some positions pay a little more.

Teaching Assistantships (Graduate Students Only)

Teaching Assistantships* are available in certain programs for students that have completed at least one academic year of study at William James College or have completed equivalent coursework from another school. Teaching Assistants work for a member of the faculty and may assist the faculty member in areas such as class discussions, lab exercises, individual tutoring and critique of student research papers. The duration of a TA position is one semester. Compensation ranges from $1,500 to $1,750 per assignment.

* Students must have completed the course before they are eligible for a teaching assistantship.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Certain hourly positions are funded, in part, by the US Department of Education Federal Work-Study Program. For these positions, students must meet a federally determined definition of financial need. Your financial aid award letter will indicate whether you are initially eligible to earn federal work study wages. Federal Work-Study wages are considered a part of your total financial aid package and can influence the amount of funding you may receive from other sources, such as student loans. The average compensation per academic year is up to about $7,500.

Employment opportunities are announced to the student body via email as they become available. Applicants will be directed to CareerLink to view job descriptions and to submit an application.

  • Federal Work-Study is a need-based federal fund.
  • We award work study to those who indicated they are interested in it on their FAFSA, whenever possible.
  • Positions pay $16/hour.
  • Most positions are about 8–10 hours. This fluctuates depending on the needs of the department/supervisor.
  • Like most other part-time positions, you are paid every other week and are required to submit bi-weekly timesheets with a supervisor's signature.

  • If awarded work-study, you must apply and be offered a position—a position is not guaranteed even if you are awarded work-study as part of your financial aid.
  • As positions become available, the Financial Aid Office will notify the student body via email. Positions will also be posted on CareerLink. All students have access to this site.
  • The application form can be found here. Some positions may require or encourage you to submit a resume. All application materials can be sent to
  • If hired, payroll forms will be sent to you, which you’ll need to complete in order to get paid.

  • If you do not end up working (cannot secure a position or realize it does not fit into your schedule) it will not count against you; however, the funds will not automatically be credited to your account—they must be earned.
  • You have a Cost of Attendance (COA) which consists of tuition/fees, books, living expenses, etc. You cannot exceed this COA with any combination of loans, scholarships, work-study, etc. By adding work-study, you offset your loan eligibility.
  • Having work-study in your budget decreases you PLUS loan eligibility by the work study award amount, but you'd be earning the money instead of borrowing it, which is a good thing.

Example for Graduate Students

  Student with Work-Study Student without Work-Study
Cost of Attendance (COA) $50,000 $50,000
Stafford Loan Amount -$20,500 -$20,500
Work-Study -$7,500  
Grad PLUS maximum amount $22,000 $29,500

For questions about student employment at William James College, please contact or call 617-327-6777, x1524.

Federal Work-Study Application Form (.docx)

Part-Time Gig Board

WJC Part-Time Gig Board - This is a part-time job board that lists opportunities submitted by local alumni and employers seeking students to work in part-time/flex jobs that usually pair well with a student schedule.

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