Field Education and Job Training

Experiental Education

A hands-on experience for true understanding.

Nothing prepares you for a career in psychology or behavioral health quite like first-hand experiences. With our field education and job training, you’ll get a comprehensive education that allows you to put into practice everything you’re learning in your coursework. Maximize your professional development at one of our 350 hand-selected field sites.

What is field education?

Field education is hands-on learning and training. You’ll gain experience in a broad range of settings and situations. Not only will you gain proficiency in your immediate area of knowledge, you’ll also work alongside psychologists, school psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers, organizational psychologists, and leaders in adjacent areas as well. This allows you to develop a fuller, richer education.


Types of Field Sites

  • Hospitals, including state, children’s, and veterans
  • Mental health centers
  • Community-based healthcare, mental health, and family service centers
  • Public schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Prisons and Correctional Facilities
  • Recovery centers

Populations served

  • Individuals across the lifespan
  • Children and teens
  • Couples and Families
  • Unserved and underrepresented populations
  • Forensic populations
  • Veterans

WJC student working in field placement site

You’ll be supervised as you conduct intake evaluations and psychological assessments, provide individual, group, couple, and family psychotherapy, consultation, and education. You may run groups in a school setting or have your own client list in a community health agency or a college campus. If you are in our graduate programs in Organizational and Leadership Psychology department, you may work to build an assessment tool for improving employee morale. If you are enrolled in a multi-year program, each year, you’ll have a new experience in a different setting and with a different population. 

You'll be fully supported by field education staff and faculty along the way.

Each year of your program, you will work with a dedicated professional from our field education office to identify sites from our field education database that meet your career interests and goals. The Field Education team will assist you with your application to these sites and help to prepare you for your interviews. We have relationships with more than 350 field sites in greater Boston and beyond.

Learn more about our program’s field sites

If you are excited about hands-on learning, you can read more about what to expect in your graduate program.


William James College offers training at over 350 different sites.


William James College students annually provide 185,000 hours of direct service to the community.
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Field Education Administration

Laura Bourgeois, MA
Department Coordinator, Field Education

Melissa Koen, MS, LMHC
Director of Field Education for the Counseling Department
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Cheryl MacDonald, MBA
Associate Director of Programming and Site Development

Neesha Daulat, PhD
Associate Director, Field Placement, Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department
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Mary Ann Mullin, PhD
Director of Field Education for the Clinical Psychology Department
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Laura C. Noel, MS
Field Placement Associate, Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department 
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Lynne Richer, EdD 
Director, Field Placement , Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department 
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Karen Stufflebeam, PsyD
Associate Director of Field Education for the Clinical Psychology Department
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Katherine Thomas, MS
Assistant Director of Field Education, Counseling Department

Angela Wilbur, PsyD
Director of Training
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Elana Wolkoff, PhD
Associate Director of Field Education, School Psychology Department
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