Certificate in Crisis Response and Behavioral Health

Counseling and Behavioral Health

Learn how to respond more safely and effectively to individuals in crisis.

The first of its kind credentialing tool for arrest diversion, offering cutting-edge education and skills to prepare police officers and clinicians for responding more safely and effectively to individuals in crisis. Our certificate in Crisis Response and Behavioral Health will help guide police and clinicians to defuse situations before force is needed and provide intensive coaching on responding to dynamic, complex, and evolving situations. 

Curriculum Overview

Fall Semester 2022

CJ501 - Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (credits: 3)

Spring Semester 2023

CJ505 - Crisis Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment (credits: 3)


Our Philosophy, Your Experience

We believe that the best learning comes from integrating classroom knowledge with hands-on experience. Your education is enriched by a curriculum that combines an understanding of theory, training, and practice, and we emphasize the development of professionals, like you, who are committed to the ethical provisions of quality services to culturally diverse clients, agencies, and organizations.

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