Crisis Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

CJ505 - Crisis Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

Credits: 3

CJ505 will prepare students to perform rapid clinical assessments, de-escalate, provide contextual diagnosis, and effectively evaluate the needs of individuals in crisis in the community. Students will learn evidence-based assessment techniques and risk assessment tools from the field. Students will understand how environmental factors inform diagnosis and their application to the criteria in the current version of the DSM. This course requires students to demonstrate competency in crisis assessment techniques. Students will practice and refine crisis intervention skills and de-escalation strategies across the spectrum of emergency responses. Students will engage in an in-depth exploration of ethics, involuntary treatment, and statutory/coercive considerations. Students will further explore how behavioral health conditions, race, class, gender, and other demographics can impact an individuals' interaction with law enforcement. Students will complete a final project which synthesizes their learning; the most impactful projects will be showcased at the annual Symposium.