Counseling Course Catalog

Course Descriptions

COU CJ507 - Advanced Crisis Response and Practical Simulations
COU ET650 - Advanced Expressive Therapies: Theory and Practice
COU CM610 - Advanced Topics in Community Mental Health
COU CN621 - Approaches to Comprehensive Addiction Treatment
COU CN640 - Assessing and Managing Risk of Sexual Violence
COU AC715 - Assessment and Treatment of Individuals of African and Caribbean Heritage
COU PC611 - Behavioral Medical Interventions
COU PR626 - Capstone Project Expressive Arts Therapy
COU PR624 - Capstone Project Seminar
COU PR622 - Capstone Project: Community Mental Health Seminar I
COU PR623 - Capstone Project: Community Mental Health Seminar II
COU CD501 - Career Counseling
COU CN501 - Clinical Skills and Practicum I
COU CC551 - Clinical Work with Latinos in the United States
COU FX680 - Collaborative Consultation with Larger Systems
COU FX630 - Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families
COU FS651 - Consultation, Collaboration and Testimony
COU CO500 - Consultation, Collaboration, and Community Partnerships
COU CN603 - Continued Mental Health Internship
COU CN503 - Continued Practicum
COU CN695 - Counseling Comprehensive Examination
COU PC522 - Counseling in Behavioral Health and Medical Settings
COU FP624 - Counseling Internship I
COU FP625 - Counseling Internship II
COU FP521 - Counseling Practicum I
COU FP523 - Counseling Practicum II
COU FX525 - Couples and Family
COU FS611 - Criminal Behavior
COU AC700 - Cultural Foundations: The Experiences of African and Caribbean Groups in the U.S.
COU CC524 - Diversity, Difference and Inclusion
COU CN635 - Eating Disorders, Weight, and Health
COU SB541 - Evidence Based Treatment: Science and Practice
COU ET620 - Express Arts in Trauma Treatment
COU ET610 - Expressive Arts with Families
COU CN622 - Family and Community Interventions for Substance Use and Addictions
COU PR625 - Forensic Capstone Project Seminar
COU FP614 - Forensic Internship I
COU FP615 - Forensic Internship II
COU FS620 - Forensic Internship Seminar I
COU FS621 - Forensic Internship Seminar II
COU CN631 - Foundations in LGBTQIA+ Mental Health
COU AC710 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health
COU GM510 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health I
COU GM511 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health II
COU AC800 - Global Mental Health: Program Development and Evaluation
COU GR501 - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
COU CC564 - Haiti Service Learning and Cultural Immersion Experience
COU CM500 - Helping Relationships in Community Mental Health
COU FX611 - Human Sexuality and Intimacy
COU FS616 - Human Trafficking: Introduction for Mental Health Providers
COU FP611 - Internship I
COU FP612 - Internship II
COU FP616 - Internship in Community Mental Health I
COU FP618 - Internship in Counseling and Health Psychology I
COU FP619 - Internship in Counseling and Health Psychology II
COU FP622 - Internship in Global Mental Health I
COU FP623 - Internship in Global Mental Health II
COU CS610 - Internship Seminar I
COU CS611 - Internship Seminar II
COU CN632 - Interventions When Working With LGBTQIA+ People and their Families
COU AC620 - Introduction to African and Caribbean Mental Health
COU ET645 - Introduction to Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
COU FX510 - Introduction to Family Therapy
COU AC610 - Introduction to Global Mental Health
COU ET630 - Introduction to Play Therapy
COU TR604 - Kenya Immersion: Relational Development and Well-Being in Kenyan Communities
COU CN633 - LGBTQIA+ Intersectionality, Public Policy, and Advocacy
COU LS659 - Lifespan Development
COU CC560 - LMH Immersion Seminar
COU CC563 - LMH Summer Immersion
COU CC562 - LMH Summer Immersion I
COU MH531 - Mental Health and Counseling in the Legal System
COU MH525 - Mental Health and the Law
COU CN601 - Mental Health Counseling Internship I
COU CN602 - Mental Health Counseling Internship II
COU AC600 - Mental Health Disparities: Multicultural and Global Perspectives
COU SB610 - Mindfulness and Compassion Based Approaches to Addiction and Recovery
COU ET670 - Multicultural and Trauma-Sensitive Expressive Arts Therapy
COU CN500 - New Student Counseling Program Orientation
COU CJ500 - Orientation to Crisis Response and Behavioral Health Certificate Program
COU CP505 - Orientation MA Psychology Program
COU FX640 - Play Therapy with Children and Their Families
COU MH630 - Police Psychology
COU ET601 - Practical Approaches in Expressive Arts Therapy
COU FP511 - Practicum I
COU FP513 - Practicum I in Community Mental Health
COU FP514 - Practicum I in Community Mental Health II
COU FP512 - Practicum II
COU CN502 - Practicum II-1
COU FP519 - Practicum in Counseling
COU FP520 - Practicum in Counseling II
COU FP517 - Practicum in Global Mental Health I
COU FP518 - Practicum in Global Mental Health II
COU FP515 - Practicum in Primary Care I
COU FP516 - Practicum in Primary Care II
COU CS500 - Practicum Seminar I: Helping Relationships I
COU CS501 - Practicum Seminar II: Helping Relationships II
COU CS502 - Practicum Seminar: Community Mental Health
COU CS503 - Practicum Seminar: Community Mental Health (continued)
COU BX525 - Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
COU PS635 - Professional Issues and Ethics
COU ET640 - Psychodrama and Drama Therapy
COU PA535 - Psychological Assessment for Counselors
COU CC523 - Psychology of Diversity and Difference
COU CN520 - Psychopathology
COU PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence
COU RS510 - Research and Evaluation in Psychology
COU RS610 - Research and Program Evaluation
COU FS501 - Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment
COU XX500 - Special Topics
COU HU535 - Spiritually-Oriented Psychotherapy
COU SB515 - Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment
COU CN515 - Substance Use and Addiction Evaluation and Treatment
COU FX675 - Trauma and The Contemporary Family
COU CC550 - The Experience of Latinos in the United States I
COU CC554 - The Experience of Latinos in the United States II
COU CC549 - The Hispanic/Latino Experience (Introduction Latino Culture)
COU FX690 - The Role of Intimacy and Human Sexuality in the Family
COU CX510 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
COU FX650 - Therapy with Couples
COU PC620 - Topics in Public Health: Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Program Design and Evaluation
COU MV555 - Trauma Theory and Treatment with Emphasis on Military and Veteran Populations
COU TR603 - Trauma Treatment: Advanced Topics
COU TR602 - Trauma: Theory and Treatment