Collective Trauma and Community Healing

COU TR604 - Collective Trauma and Community Healing

Credits: 3

Africa immersion experienceThis advanced trauma course explores collective trauma and community interventions and provides a deep understanding of the humanitarian needs of individuals, families, organizations and communities in Eastern Africa (Kenya), living under conditions of continuous traumatic stress. It will widen the lens from which we view trauma theory and treatment, to include an emphasis on resilience, positive deviance, and strength based approaches to treatment. The immersion experience is designed to offer students an opportunity to do field work and collaborate with counselors and community service providers from a Kenyan Non-Government Organization (NGO). Current programs include: drug and alcohol abuse prevention, peace building, relief and disaster management, youth and family programs, educational outreach, and programs to promote access to healthcare for marginalized groups of the Kenyan population. The student is responsible for an additional course fee to cover transportation, room and board.