Fundamentals of Global Mental Health II

COU GM511 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health II

Credits: 3

Global Mental Health II is the continuation of Fundamentals of Fundamentals of Global Mental Health I (GM510).While the first course provides the basic practices and principles of Global Mental Health, this course is focused on a deeper historical, sociocultural, medical, and psychological analysis of special populations affected by violence. For each of the populations studied, the major scientific studies on the related health and mental health issues will be presented. The course will attend to ecosystem and macrosystem levels in public health and global mental health (Brofenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory). An introduction to public health topics including epidemiology, psychiatric epidemiology, primary prevention, and health promotion will be covered. We will also examine health care disparities and the relationship between socioeconomic status (SES) and health and social support, as well as health informatics. The course will also offer an introduction to Peace Psychology. The special populations to be addressed will include, among others: gender based violence, disappearance, torture and other forms of brutalizing extreme violence, child soldiers, traumatized elderly, children, and adolescents, landmine victims, and domestic violence. Pre-requisite: GM510