Collaborative Consultation with Larger Systems

COU FX680 - Collaborative Consultation with Larger Systems

Credits: 3

This course studies the family in an urban context and its interface with larger systems. It explores various models of collaborative consultation and team based work with community, religious organizations, medical, educational and legal agencies as they interface with the family. Family study has its roots in community based treatment models and recently the field has returned to these time honored traditions. This course will look at consultation and team-based work in a variety of educational, medical, and legal settings and develops a working understanding of how to engage collaboratively with large systems that have an impact on individuals, families, and communities. This course explores many modalities of collaborative consultation in larger systems, including: community outreach work, social justice approaches, court mandated casework, participatory action research, and organizational coaching and development. Pre-requisites: FX510 and FX630.