Mental Health Counseling Internship II

COU CN602 - Mental Health Counseling Internship II

Credits: 4

The internship experience intends to provide students with exposure to clients in mental health settings where more specific skills working with treatment populations can be practiced. Instruction occurs through substantive hands-on experience, and didactic and experiential training. This is the second of two courses that will total a minimum of 600field hours at a mental health site. Students must attend a weekly 2-hour clinical seminar that will include a didactic component and group supervision. This group supervision is in addition to the group supervision provided by an approved supervisor on site. Students must have an approved site placement by the Associate Director of Field Education prior to the add/drop date in order to be registered for the course. The seminar component will help students deepen their clinical work with a particular focus on the therapeutic relationship, integrating theory with intervention, considering an array of therapeutic tools while appreciating multicultural and individual differences, evidence-based practice, ethical standards and professionalism.