Counseling in Behavioral Health and Medical Settings

COU PC522 - Counseling in Behavioral Health and Medical Settings

Credits: 3

The course begins with an examination of the sociopolitical backdrop of the United States healthcare system.  Subsequently, we will cover the biopsychosocial model for assessment and case conceptualization, and address how culture, family, and meaning making impact health. Further, students will examine how social determinants of health directly impact health outcomes and disparities. Students will explore in detail the stress response and develop an understanding of how stress impacts every organ system in the body, as well as one’s mental and physical health. We will examine the movement toward behavioral health integration in primary care and medical specialty settings and learn how to effectively communicate, consult, and collaborate with interdisciplinary team members. In addition, we will discuss somatic symptom and related disorders and medically unexplained symptoms (MUS); compliance and pain.  The course will culminate with students presenting on chronic health conditions across the lifecycle.