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Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

Collaborating in the Field: Doubling Down on Education About the Co-Response Model

In one way or another, Sarah E. Abbott, PhD, Director of the Center for Crisis Response and Behavioral Health, has spent the majority of her career at the intersection of individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and the community at large. Her first exposure to work in America (after earning her BA at home, in England) came via recruitment by a nonprofit agency in central Massachusetts where Abbott spent several nights each week in a residential group home for individuals ages 18-25 with a mental health condition. While there, she witnessed first-hand the challenges associated when police responded to calls—which didn’t always go well.

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7 Tips to Help You Nail Your Grad School Interview

When applying to graduate school, you probably have questions about what to expect from the admission and interview process. Our Admissions Team put together seven tips to help you best prepare for your graduate school interview.

Leading By Example: Fellow Alumnae Connect as Colleagues at Beth Israel Lahey Health

Given their individual life and career trajectories, Stacy Boss PsyD and Abby Eaves PsyD should have crossed paths in any number of locales—from London’s Heathrow Airport to One Wells Avenue or the Panera Bread on Highland. Instead, the pair of William James College alumnae (both graduates of the...

On Daring to Dream: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Six decades ago, in August of 1963, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) delivered what would become an iconic speech before a crowd of 250,000 gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the largest gathering for civil rights of its time. “I have a dream,” King declared—a...

William James College Unveils College Mental Health Initiative and Examines its Origin

In order to fully understand the rise in present-day mental health challenges among college students and young adults in this country, it is essential to examine the multiple lenses through which it can be viewed. Epidemiologists who write about mental health and youth point to a decade, beginning in...

Caring for the Mental Health of Asian Communities with Funding from the Cigna Foundation

William James College (WJC) received a $50,000 grant in January 2023 from the Cigna Foundation's Health and Well-Being Grant Program to support a one-year pilot of the Asian Competency Education (ACE) program.

Our Funders Make a Difference: The Impact of Scholarships

Learn about our grant recipients: Health Resources and Services Administration Grant Recipient Barrington Latham; Heart Foundations Grant Recipient Edsel Cadet; and Mass General Brigham Grant Recipient Evelyn Monks.

Gathering for Growth: On-Campus Residency for the Leadership Psychology Program

Our PsyD in Leadership Psychology program is designed for the working professional and attracts students from across the country. These students impact many different industries and collectively help influence nearly every aspect of how an organization runs. While students learn online for most of their...

All in the Family: One Father-Son Pair’s Pursuit of their PsyD, Three Decades Apart

When Drew Gosnell, 2023 graduate of the Clinical PsyD program, crossed the stage during the William James College commencement exercises in June, he took the notion of following in his father’s footsteps to a whole new level.

Building a Tradition of Belonging: The Role of Expressive Arts in Campus Celebrations

“The arts—whether visual, dance or music—are integral aspects of celebrating cultural practices and traditions from across the globe,” said Dr. Gemima St. Louis, Vice President for Workforce Initiatives who, along with her colleagues in the Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health, has...

College Mental Health Initiative Launched at William James College

Grant funding from the Boston-based Ruderman Family Foundation (RFF) and the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education has positioned William James College (WJC) to bring valuable resources to campus, establish the College Mental Health Initiative (CMHI), and hire a director, WJC alum Mēgan Kersting,...


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