Voice of San Diego: Faculty Expert Shares Insight on Suicide Rate of Women in Military

Woman in uniform speaking to a group.

An article published by the Voice of San Diego found that women aged 17-30 in the military are more than two times as likely to die by suicide as civilian women in the same age bracket.

Dr. Jenny D’Olympia, director of the Military Veteran Psychology, Train Vets to Treat Vets, and MA in Psychology programs was featured in the article and provided some context to the experience of women in the military who may be struggling with their mental health.

D’Olympia, an Air Force veteran, explained that rather than one singular reason, it is a multifaceted problem in which consistent pressures, a lack of support systems in place for women, and feelings of isolation within the military community have played a role. D’Olympia also cited the ways expectations differ for women between their civilian and military lives, referring to it as “an identity crisis”.

A link to the article can be found here.


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