Faculty: Kerri Augusto, PhD

Kerri Augusto

Kerri Augusto, PhD

Associate Professor, BS in Psychology and Human Services

Director, Undergraduate Studies

Degree Major/Emphasis Institution Year
PhD Adult Clinical Concentration Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1995
MS Child Clinical Concentration Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1992
BA N/A Colby College 1990

I am especially interested in learning more about creative pedagogy for live, online, and hybrid teaching. In the past, I have researched, published and presented on the use of interdisciplinary case study teaching in Psychology. I maintain a strong interest in the process of gamifying online course experiences, and have a passion for well-designed curricula.

As a clinician, my interests are in the treatment of adolescents and adults diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Most recently, I have begun working with individuals whose mental health is significantly impacted by experiences of chronic pain. Though my initial training was largely in CBT, I have expanded my practice to include the integration of clinical hypnosis and EMDR, and have a healthy appreciation for the contributions of ACT to clinical practice.

Professional Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MA
  • Health Service Provider in Psychology, MA
  • Trained in EMDR
  • Certified in Clinical Hypnosis
  • Academic Coaching Trainer (National Tutoring Association)
  • COGMED Coach


  • Trustee's Award for creating the first Master’s degree program at Becker College (2015)
  • President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2011)

Publications and Presentations

  • Nava-Whitehead, S., Augusto,K.W., Finkelstein, K., Cruz, S., Clark, J. “Modern Frankenstein?” National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, 5 Mar. 2018, www.nsta.org/case-studies.
  • Augusto, K.W. (ed.). The Thinking Parent”. Bay State Parent Magazine. (monthly column)
  • Nava-Whitehead, S., Augusto, K.W., Gow, J.B. (2011). Bewitching ideas influence learning: An evaluation of an interdisciplinary teaching experience. Journal of College Science Teaching, 40, 70-74.
  • Gow, J, Nava-Whithead, S., Augusto, K.W. “Josie.” National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, 30 June 2011, www.nsta.org/case-studies.
  • Augusto, K. (2008). Strawberries in Winter. Samhain Publishing.
  • Augusto, K. (2008, September 2). The (Play) Dating Game. Newsweek.
  • Augusto, K. (2006-2008). “Pondering Parenting…”. Bay State Parent Magazine. (monthly column)
  • Augusto, K. (2001, March). “Why Cambodia?” Adoption Today.

Concurrent Leadership, Service and Professional Activities

  • Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

Prior Experience

  • Coordinator of Psychology, Becker College
  • Psychologist, Becker College Counseling Center
  • Division Director for Humanities and Social Sciences, Becker College
  • Department Chair, Psychology and Mental Health Counseling, Becker College
  • Professor of Psychology and Mental Health Counseling, Becker College
  • Master's Level Clinical Supervisor, Community Counseling Clinic at Becker College
  • Academic Coaching (COGMED)

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
    • Division 2 - Society for the Teaching of Psychology
    • Division 12 - Society of Clinical Psychology
    • Division 17 - Society of Counseling Psychology
    • Division 30 - Society of Psychological Hypnosis
  • American Counseling Association
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES)
  • New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis (NESCH)
  • American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)
  • EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)

Community Involvement

  • Clinical Psychologist, Community Counseling Clinic at Becker College
  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Adult/Youth/Higher Education)
  • Director, BC5 Cheerleading Camp

Special Interests

I have a passion for all issues related to growing a family through adoption, to the impacts of premature sport specialization and coaching styles on the mental health of youth, and dogs—particularly french bulldogs.