Faculty: Robert Thomson Kinscherff, PhD, JD

Robert Kinscherff

Robert Thomson Kinscherff, PhD, JD

Professor, Clinical Psychology Department

Faculty, Children and Families of Adversity and Resilience Concentration

Faculty, Forensic Psychology Concentration

Work Space 430
Degree Major/Emphasis Institution Year
Juris Doctor, JD   Harvard Law School, Magna cum Laude 1992
Doctorate, PhD Clinical Psychology City University of New York 1988
Master of Arts, MA Philosophy University of Chicago, Committee on Social Thought 1981
Bachelor or Arts, BA Political Science, and Multidisciplinary Social Science (Departmental Valedictorian) Universit of California, Berkeley 1977


  • Children and Families Before the Courts
  • Law and Mental Health
  • Ecology of Child Behavioral Health
  • Intensive Ethics Workshop for first year Doctoral Clinical Psychology Program students

Research and Practice Interests

  • Ethics and Law in Professional Mental Health Practice
  • Risk Assessment and Management of Violent Offenders with Mental Disorders
  • Risk Assessment and Management of Juvenile and Adult Sexual Offenders
  • Forensic Assessment and Case Planning in Extreme or Unusal Forms of Child Maltreatment
  • Forensic Assessment of Youth and Adults Charged or Convicted of Homicide or other Violent Offenses
  • Adolescent Brain Development: Implications for Public Policy and Law
  • Gun Violence and Public Policy (including roles of psychologists in a public health approach)
  • Judicial Education (federal, state courts) on Science in the Courtroom (Child and Adult Development, Trauma, Mental Illness, Addiction)
  • Issues in Translational Science: Moving Knowledge From Research to Practice for Behavioral Health, Juvenile and Criminal Justice, Child Protection Policy Makers and Practitioners

Professional Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas
  • Admitted to the Bar for the practice of law in Massachusetts
  • Certifications in Massachusetts for court-ordered evaluations:
    • Designated Forensic Professional (DFP) and Designated Forensic Professional Supervisor (civil and criminal forensic evaluations for District and Superior Courts);
    • Certified Juvenile Court Clinician (CJCC) and Certified Juvenile Court Clinician Mentor (involuntary civil commitment for substance abuse and/or psychiatric care, Care and Protection child maltreatment cases, Child Requiring Assistance, Delinquency/Youthful Offender forensic evaluations for Juvenile Courts)


  • 2022 American Psychological Association Citizen Psychologist Award. Thisaward recognizes and honors those psychologists who, through their expertise, time, actions and dedication, are involved in exemplary community engagement service that evokes positive change and ultimately improves human welfare.Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Division 41 Psychology-Law and Division 12 Clinical)
  • Karl Heiser Presidential Award for Advocacy, Americian Psychological Association (Division 31)
  • Honorary Full Professor, Universidad Autonoma Del Estado de Hidalgo (Psychology, Ethics), Mexico
  • Senior Fellow in Law and Applied Neuroscience (2015 - 2017) for Harvard Law School (Petrie Flom Center on Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics)) and Massachusetts General Hospital (Center on Law, Brain and Behavior), Cambridge MA
  • Richard W. Barnum Distinguished Service Award, Juvenile Court Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court and the Division of Forensic Mental Health of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
  • Dr. Stephen Hayes Award for Community Mental Health Service, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (now William James College)
  • Clinical Partners Award (with Chief Justice Martha P. Grace of the MA Juvenile Court), Massachusetts Juvenile Firesetters Coalition

Publications and Presentations


  • Linda Campbell, Melba Vasquez, Stephen Behnke, Robert Kinscherff. APA Ethics Code: Commentary and Case Illustrations. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press, 2010.

Chapters In Books Since 2006

  • Kinscherff, RT. Level-Headed Responses to Students Who Make Threats. In Macklem and A Silva (Eds.), Lessons from School Psychology: Practical Strategies and Evidence Based Practice for Professional and Parents. New York: Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group), 2018 (released Winter 2019).
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  • Latham C and Kinscherff RT. “Legal and Ethical Considerations in Evaluations of Children with Sexual Behavior Problems.” In RE Longo and DS Prescott (Eds.), Current Perspectives: Working with Sexually Aggressive Youth and Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems (Chapter 8). NEARI Press, 2006.
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  • Medoff D and Kinscherff RT. “Forensic Evaluation of Juvenile Sexual Offenders.” In GP Koocher and SN Sparta (Eds.), Forensic Assessment of Children and Adolescents. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006).

Original Reports, Articles and Monographs Since 2008

  • Shen FX, McLuskie F, Shortell E, Bellamoroso M, Escalante C, Evans B, Hayes I,Kimmey C, Lagan S, Muller M,Near J, Nicholson K, Okeri J,Rehmet E. Gertner N, and Kinscherff R (April 2022).Justice for Emerging Adults after Jones: The Rapidly Developing Use of Neuroscience to Extend Eighth Amendment Miller Protections to Defendants Ages 18 and Older.New York University Law Review Online.
  • Center for Law, Brain and Behavior at Massachusetts General Hospital (2021). White Paper on the Science of Late Adolescence:A Guide for Judges, Attorneys and Policy Makers.(February 2, 2022)Web access at: clbb.mgh.harvard.edu/white-paper-on-the-science-of-late-adolescence/
  • Gertner, N (Honorable, ret.), Edersheim J, Kinscherff R, Snyder C (2021). Supporting Responsive Federal Drug Sentencing Through Education in the Workshop on Science-Informed Decision Making. Federal Sentencing Reporter. Federal Sentencing Reporter, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 12–22, ISSN 1053-9867, electronic ISSN 1533-8363. University of California, Berkeley Press.
  • Kinscherff R, Franks RP, Keator JK, Pecararo MJ. (February 2019). Promoting Positive Outcomes in Youth: Implications for Policy, Systems and Practice. Juvenile Justice Policy Brief produced by the Evidence-Based Policy Institute, Judge Baker Children’s Center, Harvard Medical School.
  • Kinscherff RT, DiCataldo F, Domas S (in revision for resubmission, Winter 2019) Solitary Confinement of Juveniles in Adult and Juvenile Correctional Settings: American and International Perspectives in Psychology and Law.
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  • Kinscherff R (2010) “Proposition: A Personality Disorder May Nullify Responsibility for a Criminal Act.” Symposium: Conundrums and Controversies in Mental Health and Illness (Eds. MC Epright and RM Sade). Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 38:4 (Winter 2010), pp. 745-759.
  • Vincent G and Kinscherff RT (2008) “The Use of Psychopathy in Violence Risk Assessment of Adolescent Females,” Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, Vol. 8(3), 309-320.

Recent Presentations (2015-November 2022)

  • 11.10.22“Developments in the APA ‘Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct” for Neuropsychologists.Webinar with Dr. Stephen Behnke and Dr. Julie A Suhr.American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology.Virtual.
  • 11.02.22“Panel 4:The Importance of Innovation in Corrections.”Panelist with Moderator Scott Semple, Commissioner (ret.), CT Department of Corrections and Panelists Commissioner Carol Micci, MA Department of Corrections, Sheriff Nick Cocchi (MA Hampden County), Sheriff Steven Tompkins (MA Suffolk County).Massachusetts Emerging Adult Summit, MA Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.Norwood, MA
  • 09.14.22“The Developmental Neuroscience of Young Offenders.”With Hon. District Court Judge Rhonda Hunter.Forensic Group of Dallas.Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.Virtual.
  • 09.02.22“Fundamental Principles and Emerging Issues in Ethics for Behavioral Health and Allied Health Professionals.”Day-long workshop with Stephen Behnke, JD, PhD, MDiv.Guam Psychological Association.Hagatna, Guam
  • 09.01.22 “Ain’t No Crystal Ball:Ethics, Behavioral Science and Forensic Experts.”Day-long workshop with Stephen Behnke, JD, PhD, MD.Training on behavioral science in courts for judges, attorneys, behavioral health professionals.Guam Bar Association and Guam Psychological Association. Hagatna, Guam
  • 08.31.22“The Neuroscience Revolution:How Brain Science Has (and Will) Shape Law, Public Policy and Psychological Practice.”Colloquium, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Guam.Mangilao, Guam
  • 07.19.22“Re-Entry Begins at Arrest:Lessons in the Translation of Research to Federal Criminal Practice.”With Hon. Esther Salas, CPO Christine Dozier (D.NJ, ret.), CPO John Marshall (D.RI), Cassandra Snyder (Federal Judicial Center).Ninth Federal Circuit Court Annual Conference.Big Sky, MT.
  • 05.12.22“After Jones v. Mississippi:Permanently Incorrigible or Just A Kid?Law and Mental Health forensic series, University of New Mexico.Virtual
  • 04.22.22“How do Reasonable People Make Unreasonable Decisions and How to Communicate with Them:Useful Fictions and Regrettable Decisions.”WJC Alumni Series.William James College.Virtual.
  • 04.05.22“Research-Based Axioms Regarding Violence.”With Dr. Robert Macy.Conference on “Radical Resilience:Disrupting Systemic Violence Through Trauma-Informed Care.”Hanna Institute.Virtual.
  • 03.10.22“Neuroscience in the Service of Justice.”With Judith Edersheim, JD, MD.Boston Society of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.Virtual.
  • 03.01.22“Research-Based Axioms on Violence:Risk Appraisal and Response Community Crisis Work.”Training and case consultation for medical and behavioral health crisis response team in Houston, TX. DEMA Consulting and Management and International Trauma Team.Virtual
  • 02.09.22“Overview of the Criminal Justice System.”Day 1 (Criminal Justice and Occupational Justice) of training series:Innovative Perspectives on Research and Practice in Criminal Justice – The Intersection of Interprofessional Care and Transformative Justice.Jointly sponsored by Center for Law, Brain and Behavior at MGH, William James College, Transformative Justice Institute, Health Criminology Research Consortium (St. Louis University), Justice Based Occupational Therapy.Virtual.
  • 02.8, 14, 17. 22Day 1: “Research-Based Axioms on Violence.”Day 2:“Attachment, Adversity, Trauma, and Violence.”Day 3: Models of Risk Assessment and Mitigation.With Dr. Robert Macy.Youth Connects Program and International Trauma Center.Virtual.
  • 01.29.22“Professional Practice in A Time of Rapid Change.”Hawaiian Island Psychological Association.Virtual.
  • 01.03.22“Trauma and Resilience:Implications for Sentencing and Supervision.”Training for Judges, Magistrates and Probation.Federal District Court of Oregon.Virtual.


  • 12.10.21“Faces Of Janus:Can a Sexual Paraphilia Ever Serve As a Foundation for A Criminal Responsibility Defense in Necrophiliac Murders?”Law and Psychiatry Service, Massachusetts General Hospital.Virtual.
  • 11.23.21“Adversity and Trauma in Child Protection.”Professional development class presentation for course for employees of the MA Department of Children and Families.Bridgewater State University.Virtual.
  • 10.05.21“Overview for Understanding Violence” and “Key Principles for Violence De-escalation Practice.”Train-the Trainers workshop for command and training personnel, Boston Emergency Medical Services and International Trauma Center.Boston, MA
  • 09.14.21“Screening, Assessment and Why It Matters.”Co-presenting with Chief Probation Officer Anthony Castellano (Federal District of Northern California).Workshop Series on Science-Informed Decision-Making” for federal judiciary and court personnel, Federal Judicial Center and Center for Law, Brain and Behavior at Massachusetts General Hospital.Virtual
  • 08.11.21“Law and Ethics for the Practicing Psychologist.”Preconference continuing education program with Dr. Reneau Kennedy.Office of Continuing Education, APA Annual Conference, American Psychological Association.Virtual
  • 06.16.21“Adolescent Brain Development:What We Now Know and How That Affects Our Responses.”Co-presenting with Detective Ayman Kafel, Problem-Oriented Policing Unit, Attleboro Police Department.Conference on Mental Health and Law Enforcement.MA Department of Mental Health.Virtual
  • 06.14.21“Implications of Adolescent Brain Development” Co-Presenting with defense counsel Paul Rudolf, Esq. and ADA John Werner.Cutting Issues in Criminal Law.Boston Bar Association.Virtual
  • 06.10.21“How We Incarcerate Young People:A Conversation About Policy and Young People.”Presentation and Panel.Harvard Radcliffe Institute.MA, VIrtual
  • 06.04.21“Behavioral Health Needs and the Juvenile Justice System.”Conference workshop for Parent Professional Advocacy League.MA, Virtual.
  • 06.03.21“How Do You Talk To Your Kids about Gun Violence?”Parenthood program.Panel webinar.ViacomCBS.Virtual
  • 06.03.21, 06.11.21, 08.09.21 “Understanding Violence—Principles for De-Escalation Practice.”Senior leadership and training staff professional development training project with Dr. Robert Macy (International Trauma Center).Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and MA Department of Mental Health.Virtual
  • 05.21. 21“Screening for Justice: Neuroscience in Adolescence and Young Adulthood.”Presentation and panel.Office of Returning Citizens, Mayor’s Office of Boston.Virtual
  • 05.03.21“Overview:Understanding Violence—Principles for De-Escalation Practices.Training for senior leadership—Boston Emergency Services (EMS).Boston EMS and Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.Virtual
  • 04.08.21 “Effective Interventions with Delinquent Youth.” Guest lecturer for doctoral clinical psychology program (Dr. Fabiola Jean Taylor).California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, Los Angeles. Virtual
  • 04.02.21 “Professional Ethics in An Area of Rapid Change.”Day-long training.The Bridge Training Institute.Worcester, MAVirtual.
  • 03.10.21“Adolescent Brain Development:Implications for Clinical Practice with Youth.Roxbury YouthWorks.Boston, MAVirtual.
  • 03.08.21“FocusingYour Career To Make A Difference.”Predoctoral psychology internship seminar.Massachusetts Mental Health Center of MA Department of Mental Health.Boston, MA Virtual.
  • 03.03.21“Adolescent and Young Adult Neurodevelopment.”Guest commentator for presentation by Dr. B.J. Casey.Course in Law in Applied Neuroscience, instructors Judge Nancy Gertner (ret.) and Francis X. Shen, PhD, JD.Harvard Law School.Virtual.
  • 02.26.21“Adult Stories:True or False?And, Does it Matter?”Presentation with Lindsey Davis, PhD, on detection of deception in family law evaluations followed by panel participation.Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem.Virtual.
  • 02.24.21 “Science in the Courtroom:Sentencing.”Training on implications of science of trauma, addiction and mental illness in federal sentencing practice.With Judge Nancy Gertner (ret) and Judith Edersheim, JD, MD with Federal Judicial Center (Washington, DC).United States Probation and Pretrial Services, Federal District of Minnesota.Virtual.
  • 02.23.21“Adolescent and Young Adult Neurodevelopment:Implications for Policy and Law.”Course on Cradle to Prison Pipeline, instructor First Justice Jay Blitzman (ret.).Boston College School of Law.Virtual.
  • 02.22.21“Primer on Adolescent and Young Adult Neurodevelopment.”Legislative briefing on General Assembly Bill H-5144 (An Act Relating to Criminals – Correctional Institutions – Parole) and sentencing structures for youthful offenders.Briefing arranged by bill sponsors.Rhode Island General Assembly.Virtual.
  • 02.04.21“What is Trauma?Overview and Implications for Federal Probation Practice.Presenter for training workshop for Federal Probation staff.Joint trainingFederal District Court for Eastern District of Kentucky and South District of Ohio.Virtual.


  • 12.16.20“The First 100 Days:Data-Driven Solutions to Prevent Gun Violence.”Panelist for webinar on gun suicide prevention practices, law and public policy.Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and American Psychological Association.Virtual
  • 11.13.20“Ethics in Professional Practice.”Inaugural American Psychological Association Compact Clinical Webinar Series.Virtual.
  • 11.07.20“Fundamental Principles and Emerging Issues.”Professional ethics webinar with Dr. Reneau Kennedy.Hawai’i Island Psychological Association.Virtual
  • May – July 2020“Justice and the Developing Brain” training series (see above) for the Office of the District Attorney of Suffolk County, Committee for Public Counsel Services, More Than Words, Center for Law, Brain and Behavior (MGH).Virtual
  • 06.12.20“Gun Violence as a Public Health Problem.”Presenter at 43rd Annual Erich Lindemann Lecture Series with topic “Violence as a Public Health Problem.William James College.Virtual
  • 04.28.20“Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:Invisible Disability in Court.”Co-presenter with Kelly Casey, PhD and Enid Watson, MA State FASD Coordinator.Virtual training for statewide court clinicians serving Juvenile, District and Superior Courts.Division of Forensic Mental Health, MA Department of Mental Health.
  • 03.07.20 Trainer.“Science in the Courts:Implications of Research in Neurodevelopment, Adversity and Trauma, Addictions and Mental Illness.”Judicial Retreat, Federal District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee.Smithville, TN.
  • 03.04.20 “It’s Complicated:Challenging Ethical Issues in Forensic Practice.”Day-long training co-presenting with Gerry Koocher, PhD.American Psychology-Law Society.New Orleans, LA.
  • 02.26.20Moderator and Discussant.“The Frontiers of Neuroscience and Juvenile Justice.”With Marsha Levick and Dr. Leah Somerville.Sponsored by Center for Law, Brain and Behavior at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Law School.Cambridge, MA
  • 02.12.20“Implications of Neuroscience for Law and Public Policy in Juvenile and Young Adult Justice.”Presentation with Judge Jay Blitzman (ret.) sponsored by Harvard Law School Association and Foley Hoag LLP law firm.Boston, MA
  • 01.09.20“Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD):The ‘Hidden Disability’ in Juvenile and Criminal Justice.”Training co-presented with Enid Watson, MDiv for Social Services Staff.Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS).Fall River, MA


  • 12.30.19“Ethics in Professional Practice: Candor and Truth-Telling with Clients/Patients.”Ethics seminar.Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MA Department of Mental Health and Harvard Medical School), Boston, MA.
  • 12.03.19“ThisYour Brain on Adolescence:Implications of Adolescent Neurodevelopment, Adversity, and Substance Use for Courts and Public Policy” and “Post-Miller Parole and Re-Sentencing Evaluations.”Workshops for 21st Annual Conference on Contemporary Applications of Psychological Assessment.Massachusetts Mental Health Center and William James College.Newton, MA.
  • 12.04.19“Adolescent Development and Neuroscience.”Training for appellate attorneys of Youth Advocacy Department, Committee for Public Counsel Services, Worcester, MA.
  • 11.22.19“Principles, Policies and Practices in Juvenile Mental Health Courts.”Statewide Mental Health Court Training, Family Court Department of Delaware.Dover, DE.
  • 11.20.19“Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems.”With Enid Watson, M.Div., Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education training.Marlboro, MA.
  • 11.19.19“Adverse Childhood Experiences, Child Protection, and the Cradle to Prison Pipeline.”Certificate program for Department of Children and Families child protection professionals.Bridgewater State University.Bridgewater, MA
  • 11.12-13.19“Science in the Courtroom.”Training on neurodevelopment, exposures to adversity/trauma, substance abuse, and mental illness for federal probation and pretrial officers.Federal District Court for the District of Nevada.Las Vegas, NV.
  • 11.04.19“Forensic Mental Health Evaluations in post-Miller Sentencing, Resentencing, and Parole Proceedings.”Law and Psychiatry Program.University of Massachusetts Medical School.Shrewsbury, MA
  • 10.01.19“Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Juvenile Justice and Criminal Justice.”With Enid Watson, M.Div.Training for public defender social workers and social services staff.Committee for Public Counsel Services.Worcester, MA
  • 09.30.19“Legal Decisional Competencies:Waiver of Miranda, Competence to Stand Trial, Competence to Plead Guilty, Competence for Execution.”William James College.Newton, MA.
  • 09.19.19“Digging Deep:Special Challenges in Juvenile Competence To Stand Trial.”With Wendy Wolf, Esq. and Barbara Kaban, Esq.Committee for Public Counsel Services.Boston, MA.
  • 09.05.19“Science in The Courtroom:Implications for Post-Incarceration Reentry of Neurodevelopment, Trauma and Addictions Research.”Plenary workshop.Conference on Reentry Court, Federal District Court (Northern Ohio).Cleveland, OH.
  • 08.10.19 “Gun Violence: Strategies for Urban Youth of Color” (Main Stage event) and “Mass Violence” (Town Hall event). Presenter and Panelist, American Psychological Association annual conference. Chicago, IL.
  • 08.07.19 “Law and Ethics for the Practicing Psychologist.” Day-long pre-conference workshop for American Psychological Association. Co-presenter was Dr. Reneau Kennedy. Chicago, IL
  • 06.25 – 27.19 Conference planning committee and presenting participant for “Ask the Experts” (06.25.19 panelist), “Trauma-Informed Supervision: Lessons from Multnomah County’s Smart Supervision Project” (06.25.19 moderator). Federal Judicial Center, Harvard Law School, and Center for Law, Brain and Behavior (MGH) 3-day training conference on Science in The Courtroom for 10 teams from nationwide federal district courts. Cambridge, MA.
  • 06.04.19 “Gun Violence Research: Priorities for Consideration.” Briefing as designated representative of American Psychological Association to National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research Advisory Committee, RAND Corporation. Arlington, VA
  • 05.23.19 “The Intersection of the Courts and Mental Health: A Burden and an Opportunity.” Plenary address. Annual conference of the Section on Child Welfare and Delinquency, Massachusetts Bar Association. Lowell, MA
  • 05.14.19 “Hidden in Plain Sight: What Everybody Should Know About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).” With A Crowley, Esq., K Casey, PhD, Enid Watson, MDiv. Annual Training Conference, Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services. Worcester, MA
  • 05.13.19 “The Adolescent Brain and Normative Sexuality: The Starting Point” and “Review of Current Research: Where We’ve Been and Where We are Going in Assessment and Treatment (with F Dicataldo, PhD). Certified Juvenile Court Clinicians Specialty Training Day 1: Assessing Juveniles with Sexual Offenses. Division of Forensic Mental Health, MA Department of Mental Health. Westborough, MA
  • 04.10.19 “Having Difficult Conversations.” Training for judges in the Judicial Mentoring Program, Judicial Institute of the Massachusetts Trial Court, Boston, MA
  • 04.09.19 “Science in the Courtroom: Sentencing.” Program for Federal Court Judges and Staff with Harvard Law Students. Clinical Consultant Participant. Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA.
  • 04.06.19 “Adolescent Delinquent Misconduct: Lessons from Neurodevelopment, Social Science, and Common Sense.” Plenary address, annual Diversity Conference, Plymouth State University. Plymouth, NH.
  • 04.04.19 “Adolescent Neurodevelopment and Social Development: Implications for Addressing Physical and Sexual Aggression in Adolescence and Young Adulthood.” Joint Conference of MASOC/MATSA. Marlboro, MA
  • 03.27.19 “Problematic Sexual Behaviors and Juvenile Sexual Offenses.” Psychiatry Resident Training Program (Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital), Boston MA
  • 03.15.19 “Having Difficult Conversations.” Training for judges in the Judicial Mentoring Program, Judicial Institute of the Massachusetts Trial Court, Boston, MA
  • 01.15 and 18.19 “Adolescent Social and Neurodevelopment: Implications for Youth Justice Systems.” International Legal Foundation (NGO). Videoconference training for defense attorneys and juvenile justice officials. Ramallah, Occupied West Bank, Palestine.
  • 01.13.19 “Adolescent Social and Neurodevelopment: Implications for Youth Justice Systems.” Invited lecture for class in Law and Neuroscience (Judge Nancy Gertner, ret., Instructor). Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA
  • 01.09.19 “Juvenile Firesetting: Best Practices in Assessment and Intervention.” Co-presenter for day-long conference jointly sponsored by MA Department of Mental Health, William James College, FirePsych, Inc. during day one of two-day conference. University of Massachusetts Medical School South Campus, Shrewsbury, MA


  • 12.14.18 “Hidden in Plain Sight: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Cradle to Prison Pipeline.” Moderator and panel participant. 19th Annual Conference on Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare. Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education. Boston, MA.
  • 12.12.18 “Mass Shooters and Mental Illness: Is There A Link and What Would it Be?” Grand Rounds (also webcast). Massachusetts Mental Health Center. Boston, MA
  • 12.11.18 “Children and Firearms in Homes, Schools and Communities: Policy, Public Health and Pediatric Practice in Crisis.” Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds, Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA
  • 12.11.18 “Developmental Neuroscience and Young Offenders.” Video recorded lecture for federal judicial system. Federal Judicial Center. Washington, DC.
  • 12.01.18 “Normative Adolescent Development and Developmental Complications: Adversity, Trauma and Substance Abuse,” and “Case Study: Principles of Integrated Assessment and Formulation in Youth.” 20th Annual Conference on Contemporary Applications of Psychological Assessment (conference faculty and presenter for three day conference from 11.29 .18 – 12.01.18). Massachusetts Mental Health Center and William James College. Newton, MA.
  • 11.13.18 “Child Welfare and Child Protection: How Efforts to Protect Children Inadvertently Help Drive the Cradle to Prison Pipeline.” Bridgewater State University. Bridgewater, MA.
  • 11,13.18 “Ethics Conversations: Part II.” Webcast on ethics in psychological practice. American Psychological Association. Webcast from William James College, Newton, MA.
  • 11.07.18 “Ethics Conversations: Part I.” Webcast on ethics in psychological practice. American Psychological Association. Webcast from William James College, Newton, MA.
  • 11.03.18 “Ethics in Mental Health Practice: The Clinician in Court.” Day-long training with Reneau Kennedy, EdD. Big Island Psychological Association. Waimea, HI.
  • 10.26.18 “The Violent Patient: Clinical Strategies and Trauma Informed Responses.” Day-long training with Robert Macy, PhD. Brattleboro Retreat. Brattleboro, VT
  • 10.10 – 11.18 “ACEs, Adversity and Addiction: Implications for Criminal Justice.” Training for Pretrial Officers, Probation Supervision Officers, and Justices of the Federal Court for the Western District of Washington State. Tacoma and Seattle, Washington State.
  • 10.07.18 “Characteristics of Perpetrators of Mass Violence.” Presentation with Dr. William Pollack (Harvard Medical School) and Dr. Jeffrey Swanson (Duke University School of Medicine). Presenters and member for Expert Panel on Mass Violence. National Council for Behavioral Health. Chicago, IL
  • 08.21.18 “Neurodevelopment, Adversity and Trauma, and Addiction: What the Research Tells Us and Why It Matters.” Plenary for National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies. Fort Worth, TX
  • 08.98.18 “Law and Ethics for the Practicing Psychologist.” With Dr. Reneau Kennedy. Day-long preconference workshop, American Psychological Association. San Francisco, CA
  • 06.21.18 “Using the Massachusetts Child and Adolescent Assessment Protocol (MCAAP).” Six hour training webinar for staff of Department of Children and Families and for qualifying examiners on use of this newly developed protocol for risk assessment and case planning for youth in DCF custody who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviors while in out-of-home placements. With Phil Rich, Ed.D. and Kevin Creeden, MA. Jointly supported by the MA Department of Children and Families and Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP). Webinar platform.
  • 06.08.18 “Adolescent Neurodevelopment: Implications for Public Policy, Law and Judicial Practice.” Presentation and then panel participant. Vermont Judicial Education Conference. Basin Harbor, Vergennes VT.
  • 05.03-05.18 “Ask the Experts” panel with Mark Albanese, PhD and Judith Edersheim, MD, JD., and “Research to Practice Skill-Building: Interpreting Supervision Behavior” with Judith Edersheim, MD, JD, and “Lessons in the Translation from Research to Federal Practice” with Chief Probation Officer Anthony Castellano (Northern District of Florida). Federal Judicial Center – Harvard Law School Workshops on Science-Informed Decision-Making. Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA.
  • 04.20.18 “Innovative Cross-disciplinary Partnership Enables Rapid and Accurate FASD Diagnosis and Referrals to Support Services.” Presentation with Enid Watson. 8th International Research Conference on Adolescents and Adults with FASD. University of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC Canada
  • 04.15.18 “Development and Use of the Massachusetts Child and Adolescent Assessment Protocol (MCAAP).” Day-long training for MAe Department of Children and Families (DCF) personnel and contracted evaluators for assessment of problematic sexual behaviors among children in the custody of DCF. Jointly presented by the Department of Children and Families, MASOC. William James College. Newton, MA
  • 04.11.18 “Ten Essential Elements of Effective Mental Health Courts.” Presentation for Mental Health Courts: Teamwork and Collaboration conference jointly sponsored by the Judicial Institute of the Executive Office of the MA Trial Court and the Center of Excellence for Specialty Courts of UMass Medical School. Boston, MA
  • 04.20.18 “Innovative Cross-disciplinary Partnership Enables Rapid and Accurate FASD Diagnosis and Referrals to Support Services.” With Enid Watson, MDiv. 8th International Research Conference on Adolescents and Adults with FASD. University of British Columbia, April 18-21, 2018. Vancouver, Canada
  • 04.13.18 “The Development and Use of the MASOC Child and Adolescent Assessment Protocol (M-CAAP). With Kevin Creeden, LICSW and Phil Rich, EdD. 20th Annual Joint Conference of MASOC/MATSA. Marlboro, MA
  • 04.12.18 “Adolescent Neurodevelopment, Trauma, and Substance Abuse: Implications for Law, Policy and Practice.” 20th Annual Joint Conference of MASOC/MATSA. Marlboro, MA
  • 04.04.18 “How Would Federally Funded Research Prevent Gun Violence?” Panelist with Dr. David Hemenway (Director, Harvard Injury Control Research Center) and Dr. Nancy LaiVigne (Vice President, Urban Institute Justice Policy Center.” Congressional Briefing co-sponsored by American Public Health Association and American Psychological Association. Sam Rayburn Office Building, Washington DC.
  • 03.28.18 “Developmentally Informed Assessment and Intervention Children and Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors and Adjudicated Sexual Offenses.” Psychiatry Residents Training Program, Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA.
  • 03.27.18 “Science-Informed Decision-Making in Sentencing.” Expert consultant and commentator with Judith Edersheim, JD, MD. Federal Judicial Center- Harvard Law School Professional Development for Federal District Court Judges and Presentencing Officers. Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA.
  • 03.20.18 “What’s Age Got to Do With It? The Implications of Sentencing Juvenile As Adults.” Co-presenting with Jean Trounstine and First Justice Jay Blitzman. National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. San Diego, CA.
  • 03.14.18 “Strategies for Communication with Mentally Ill Litigants.” Training for Suffolk County CPCS Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys. Co-presenting with Dr. Stephanie Tabashneck. Boston, MA.
  • 03.2-3.18 Lead faculty for Weekend in Residence for professional development Certificate program in Juvenile Justice and Mental Health (including training on risk assessment/operational threat assessment, adolescent neurodevelopment). William James College. Newton MA.
  • 02.07.18 “Adolescent and Young Adult Neurodevelopment: Science, Legal and Policy Implications.” Co-presenting with Dr. Leah Somerville. Course in Law and Neuroscience, Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA.


  • 08.05.16 “Duty to Protect? Balancing Social Justice with the Limitations of Research Findings.” Presenter and discussion moderator. American Psychological Association annual conference. Denver, CO.
  • 08.05.16 “Intimate Partners and Firearms: Violence Prevention through Policy and Advocacy.” Panel participant. American Psychological Association annual conference. Denver, CO
  • 08.04.16 “Advances in Addressing Violence: Assessment, Attachment and Treatment.” Day-long workshop with Dr. Lisa Firestone in the APA Presidential Human Rights Series, American Psychological Association annual conference. Denver, CO.
  • 08.03.16. “Law and Ethics for the Practicing Psychologist.” Day-long preconference workshop for American Psychological Association Continuing Education programs. Denver, CO.
  • 06.15.16 “Neurodevelopment in a Social World: Adolescent Crime, Punishment and Effective Policy and Practice.” Co-Presenting with Vincent Schiraldi. Office of the District Attorney of Suffolk County. Boston, MA.
  • 06.03.16 “What Juvenile Courts Need to Know About Providing Effective Services to Youth with Co-Occurring Disorders.” Annual conference of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. Anaheim, CA.
  • 06.01.16 “Competence to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility in Juvenile Cases.” Youth at Risk Conference, Beverly, MA.
  • 05.27.16 “Professional Ethics and Mental Health Practice: Version.2016” Day-long training on ethics and professional practice. Vermont Trauma Institute. Burlington, VT.
  • 05.10.16 “Should We Ever Sentence Juveniles As Adults?” Youth debate followed by discussant panel (Harris, Carey, Kinscherff). Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA
  • 04.20.16 “Problematic Sexual Behaviors and Sexual Offenses in Children and Adolescents.” Professional staff and psychiatry residents training series. McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Belmont, MA.
  • 04.15.16 “Boundaries in Mental Health Practice.” Half-day training sponsored by NorthEast Health Services. Taunton, MA.
  • 04.14.16 “The Development and Use of the MASOC Child and Adolescent Assessment Protocol (M-CAAP). Co-presenter on half-day workshop on development and use of assessment tool for problematic sexual behaviors and juvenile sexual offenders. MASOC/MATSA Annual Conference. Marlboro, MA
  • 04.13.16 “Boys to Men to Boys: What is the Role of Psychology and Neuroscience in the post-Miller and Montgomery Era?” Presentation jointly sponsored by Harvard Law School (Petrie Flom Center) and Massachusetts General Hospital (Center for Law, Brain and Behavior). Cambridge, MA.
  • 04.08.16 “Ethical and Legal Updates for School Psychologists.” CE program for school psychologists, William James College. Newton, MA.
  • 03.28.16 “Implications of Adolescent Neurodevelopment for Juvenile and Criminal Justice.” NeuroEthics, Graduate Program in Bioethics, Harvard Medical School. Boston, MA.
  • 03.17.16 “Ethics in Child and Adolescent Sexual Offender Assessment, Intervention, and Management.” Videotaped day-long training in Master Series, Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Newton, MA.
  • 02.04.16 “Adolescent Brain Development: Implications for Neurons, Neighborhoods, Public Policy and Practice.” Commonwealth Senior Leadership Series (senior leadership of MA state child-serving agencies), MA Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee. Worcester, MA.
  • 02.03.16 “Violence Risk Assessment with Youth and Young Adults.” Grand Rounds. Cambridge Health Alliance. Cambridge Hospital. Cambridge, MA
  • 02.01.16 and 04.04.16. “Youth with Co-Occurring Mental Disorders and Substance Use Disorders.” Judicial training conference. Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. Lombard, IL


  • 12.05.15 “Advances in Addressing Violence: Assessment, Attachment and Treatment.” With Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. Day-long training for professionals. William James College. Newton, MA
  • 12.03.15 “Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts: Lessons Learned.” Statewide conference on specialized drug courts. Tennessee Association of Drug Court Professionals. Murfreesboro, TN
  • 11.03.2015 “Trauma and Traumatization of Child-Serving Systems.” Professional development for personnel of the Department of Children and Families. Bridgewater State University. Bridgewater, MA
  • 10.28.15 “Violence Risk Assessment in Youth” and “Operational Threat Assessment for Schools.” Workshops for Alberta Conference on Mental Health in Schools. Calgary, Canada
  • 10.21.15 “Competence to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility.” Co-presenter with Attorney J. Califano in criminal law class of Professor Nancy King. Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA
  • 10.15.15 “Development of the M-CAAP” Co-presenter on the development and content of a risk assessment protocol for case planning for youth with problematic or sexually aggressive behaviors in placement with the MA Department of Children and Families. Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Montreal, Canada
  • 09.28.15 “From Troubled Teens to Tsarnaev: Promises and Perils of Adolescent Neuroscience and Law.” Panel presenter at symposium jointly sponsored by Harvard Law School (Petrie-Flom Center) and Massachusetts General Hospital (Center for Law, Brain and Behavior) Cambridge, MA
  • 09.24.15 “What is the Hoffman Report? What Does it Say?” Panel presenter for symposium on the “Hoffman Report” regarding American Psychological Association and the investigative report about its relationship to use of torture by national security and military authorities post-9/11. William James College, Newton, MA
  • 08.5-9.15 “Law and Ethics for the Practicing Psychologist” day-long preconference workshop; Symposium: “What is Psychology’s Role in Firearm Violence Research and Prevention?;” Symposium: “Interactive Panel Discussion on Ethical Challenges in Child and Adolescent Psychology;” Symposium: “Mental Health, Violence, and Policy Realities and Recommendations.” Annual conference of the American Psychological Association. Toronto, Canada.
  • 06.19.15 “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Managing Therapeutic Risk When Serving Persons with High-Risk Behaviors.” Office of Continuing Education, American Psychological Association. Washington, DC.
  • 06.15.15 “Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Justice-Involved Youth with Mental Health Disorders.” Co-presenting with North Dakota state Representative Diane Larson. National Council of State Legislators, Charleston, SC.
  • 05.11.15 “Clinical, Forensic and Ethical Issues in Conceptualizing and Assessing Violence.” Workshop for Juvenile Court Clinician Conference, MA Department of Mental Health and Administrative Office of the Juvenile Court Department, Worcester, MA.
  • 04.24.15 “Legal Implications of Adolescent Brain Development.” Appellate Division, Children’s Public Defenders and New York Trial Court. Albany, NY.
  • 04.16.15 “Ethical and Legal Issues in Trauma Work.” Staff training at The Trauma Center, Justice Resource Institute, Brookline, MA.
  • 04.09.15 “Fifty Shades of Grey: Approaches to Assessment and Risk Management of Persons with Severe Mental Illness, Sexual Offending, and Antisocial Personality.” Workshop co-presented with Kerry Nelligan, Psy.D. for annual conference of MATSA/MASOC, Marlborough, MA
  • 04.08.15 “The MC-APP: Development of a Structured Professional Judgment Tool for Assessment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors Among Children and Adolescents.” Co-presenting with M-CAPP Working Group Members, full-day workshop for annual conference of MATSA/MASOC, Marlborough, MA
  • 03.20.15 “Clinical, Forensic and Ethical Issues in Violence Risk Assessment and Management.” Invited half-day workshop for Professional Development Training Institute, American Psychological Association. Washington, DC
  • 03.12.15 “Juvenile Justice and the Adolescent Brain: Is Healthy Neurodevelopment a Civil Right?” Moderator and presenter for symposium of MGH Center for Law, Brain and Behavior, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA.
  • 03.10.15 “Through a Glass, Darkly: Intersections of Psychology, Law and Public Policy.” Criminal Justice Student’s Group. Newbury College, Brookline MA
  • 03.07.15 “Mind, Body and Addiction in Life and Law.” Presentation and panel for New England Law Students Mental Health Symposium, Harvard Law School. Cambridge, MA
  • 03.06.15 “Confronting Violence In Professional Practice.” Day-long training for Rhode Island Psychological Association. Warwick, RI
  • 01.22.15 “Violence Risk Assessment and Management: Best Practices and Implications for Psychiatric Inpatient Units. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (MA Department of Mental Health). Boston, MA
  • Winter 2015 “Juvenile Justice and Mental Health.” Blended learning professional development Certificate Program, Certificate Program in Child and Family Forensic Psychology. William James College.

Concurrent Leadership, Service and Professional Activities

Concurrent Work Experience

  • Since July 2021,Executive Director, Center for Law, Brain and Behavior, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Delegate from American Psychological Association, Advisory Board, Gun Violence Prevention Research Roundtable Coalition, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Consultant, The Sentencing Project and Virginia Coalition on Solitary Confinement
  • Clinical Consultant and Team Member, Deferred Sentencing Program, Federal Court for the District of Rhode Island, Providence RI

Current Professional Leadership

  • Associate Vice President for Community Engagement (2010 - 2021), William James College
  • Designee of American Psychological Association for gun violence and gun policy briefings (e.g., Congressional, RAND Corporation), presentations (e.g., Main Stage event at 2019 APA Annual Convention), and membership on expert panels and working groups (e.g., 2016 White House Summit on Community Violence, National Council of Behavioral Health Expert Working Group on Mass Violence)
  • Member of Planning Committee and Presenter for national Federal Judicial Center trainings on Science in the Courtroom series for federal district court teams from US states and territories, Harvard Law School
  • Planning Board, International Association on Firesetter Intervention, Research and Evaluation ( IFIRE), currently implementing an international association of multidisciplinary professionals addressing fire setting by youth and adults
  • Friend of the Board, MASOC (regional professional association for prevention and treatment of sexually abusive behavior by youth)
  • Planning Committee, annual conferences on Child Welfare and Delinquency, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

Prior Experience

Prior Professional Leadership includes:

  • Member and on Executive Committee, Board of Professional Affairs, American Psychological Association
  • Chair (two terms), Ethics Committee, American Psychological Association
  • Chair, Committee on Legal Issues, American Psychological Association
  • Chair, Gun Violence Policy Review Task Force, American Psychological Association
  • Member, Committee on Professional Practices and Standards, American Psychological Association
  • APA Chair, Joint Task Force with the American Bar Association
  • Member, National Juvenile Drug Court Advisory Committee, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • Board Member and Editorial Board Member, Society for Terrorism Research
  • Section Council Member, Juvenile and Child Welfare, Massachusetts Bar Association

Prior Work Experience includes:

  • Chair, Working Group on Juvenile Solitary Confinement, American Psychological Association
  • Director of Forensic Studies, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (now William James College)
  • Director of Clinical Services, Easter Seals of New Hampshire
  • Forensic Examiner, Massachusetts Parole Board
  • Assistant Commissioner for Forensic Mental Health, MA Department of Mental Health
  • Director of Juvenile Court Clinic Services, Juvenile Court Department, MA Trial Court
  • Director of Forensic Training (Adult), Law and Psychiatry Service, Massachusetts General Hospital

Professional Affiliations

  • International Association of Forensic Mental Health
  • American Psychological Association
  • Massachusetts Psychological Association

Community Involvement

  • Pro bono evaluations of indigent defendants, parole-eligible inmates, others
  • Pro bono consultations to defense counsel and prosecutors on forensic evaluation, risk management, professional standards and practices issues.
  • Pro bono consultations to behavioral health, child protection, and other professionals from multiple disciplines on clinical, legal, ethical, and risk management issues.
  • Pro bono professional development presentations, staff training presentations, and other teaching and training activities for groups including: trial and appellate judges at state and federal levels; behavioral health and medical professionals; law enforcement; prosecutors and defense attorneys; family law attorneys; child protection professionals; family law attorneys; probation and parole officers serving state and federal courts, juvenile justice, or criminal justice systems
  • Uncompensated participation in state government Commissions and Working Groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire on juvenile justice, criminal justice, and child protection matters
  • Uncompensated participation in authoring or consulting to authors of amicus briefs including briefs filed before the US Supreme Court, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and Massachusetts appellate courts.
  • Uncompensated mentoring and supervision of candidates for Designated Forensic Professionals or Certified Juvenile Court Clinicians in Massachusetts.
  • Uncompensated (including travel costs) site visits for the Emancipation Project to programs in Nepal serving persons who had been commercially sexually trafficked in Nepal and India.