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2016-2017 Counseling Annual Report
2015-2016 Counseling Annual Report

Student Outcomes and Other Data

Counseling Psychology (2009) 
Forensic and Counseling Psychology (2010)
Counseling Psychology in Community Mental Health (2014)
Counseling and Health Psychology (2014)
Counseling Psychology in Global Mental Health (2014)
Counseling Psychology in Couples and Family Therapy (2015)
Counseling Psychology in Expressive Arts Therapy (2015)
(Year denotes first graduating class of the program)

Program Costs

Description 2018-2019 1st Year Cohort Cost
Tuition for full-time students (in-state) $34,100
Tuition for full-time students (out-of-state) $34,100
Tuition per credit hour for part-time students (if applicable) $1,100
University/institution fees or costs $920
Additional estimated fees or costs to students (e.g. books, travel, etc.) $3,960

The following sections are based on the last alumni survey from August 2015, which included 58 students who had graduated in June of 2015. The survey had a 54% respondent rate (162/300).

Licensure Examination Outcomes

States use one or both of the following board examinations from the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC): the NCMHCE (National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination) and/or the NCE (National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification). The NBCC does not release licensing examination passing data to the counseling programs. We rely on self-reports from our alumni, who live and work in different states, with different licensing regulations. In addition to passing a licensing examination, candidates must accumulate 2 years of documented supervised experience in the field before obtaining a license.

Outcome 2007-2008 to 2014-2015
Total number of students with MA degrees conferred on transcript in time period 300
Number of students with MA degrees conferred on transcripts (and percentage of those who took it) who passed the NCMHCE licensure exam in time period 43 (98%)*
Number of students with MA degrees conferred on transcripts (and percentage of those who took it) who passed the NCE licensure exam in time period 4 (100%)*
*These numbers are based on self-reports from the alumni survey from August, 2015.

What our graduates do upon graduation


Current Employment Status N (%)
Employed full time as a counselor/therapist 95 (60%)
Employed part-time as a counselor/therapist 14 (9%)
Enrolled full time in a doctoral or advanced degree program 19 (12%)
Employed full-time teaching in a higher education program 0 (0%)
Employed part-time teaching in a higher education program 3 (2%)
Unemployed but currently seeking employment 8 (5%)
Other 18 (11%)

Note: Percentages may not sum to 100 as some individuals indicated more than one employment status.

Other answers included: Working in a field outside of counseling, enrolled part-time in a doctoral or advanced degree program; employed in the field, but not as a counselor or a teacher, voluntarily not working and not currently seeking employment, and not working because of a medical condition or disability.  The respondents included 40 of the 2015 graduates, 2 months after graduation.

Length of time before employment

For those looking for professional jobs after graduation (n=154):

  • 143 had a job at ≤ 6 months (93%)
  • 7 had a job between 6 months and 1 year (5%)

≤ 12 months after graduation 98% of our graduates looking for employment had a professional job.

Satisfaction with Competency Preparation

This section focuses exclusively on some broad professional competencies and asked the alumni to rate the adequacy of preparation they received in the program - through coursework, practicum and internship. The mean refers to scores between Very Dissatisfied (1) to Very Satisfied (5). (n=52)

Competency % between Satisfied and Very Satisfied Mean
Cultural Competence 98% 4.3
Counseling, Prevention and Intervention 96% 4.1
Ethics and Professional Behavior 94% 4.5
Consultation, Collaboration and Advocacy 86% 4.7
Development of Leadership Skills 77% 4.1
Assessment 83% 4.66
Research and Evaluation 59% 3.7

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