Neuro-Leadership Seminar

ORG LP850 - Neuro-Leadership Seminar

Credits: 1

Students will work with a master practitioner and peer coaches using a brain-based perspective to reflect upon their activities and experiences working or practicing in the field to enhance skills and professional growth. The course emphasizes practices based on integrative concepts of cognitive and affective neuroscience theory and application demonstrated through ongoing case study discussions. Students in the seminar will deepen their understanding of leadership by engaging with others around the organizational and leadership dynamics related to facilitating with the adult brain in mind for client/employee learning and organizational change. Topics include neuroscientific approaches to navigating resistance to change, working with assumptions and bias, problem-solving, perspective-taking, and intervention design. This course is for students who have completed LP764: The Neurobiology of Leadership course in the Leadership Psychology Program.

Prerequisite: LP764 Neurobiology of Leadership