Advanced Neuro-Leadership Seminar

ORG LP855 - Advanced Neuro-Leadership Seminar

Credits: 1

The Advance Neuro-Leadership Seminar is designed for students who seek to integrate neuroscience and leadership psychology's interdisciplinary theories, findings, and practices into their doctoral research projects and fieldwork. Students will work closely with a master practitioner and their peers to better understand how the principles of neuroscience and leadership psychology can be applied to leadership challenges. Students will gain expertise in assessing the value, limitations, breadth, and depth of applying implicit and explicit research findings in leadership and organizational psychology research and practice. The course emphasizes practices based on integrative concepts of cognitive and affective neuroscience theory and application demonstrated through discussion topics based on neurophysiological research's current and future landscape and the implications of applying neuroscientific findings to organizational and leadership psychology constructs. This course is for students who are enrolled in the neuroscience of leadership concentration and actively completing their sequenced DP coursework (registered in DP 1, 2, or 3).

Prerequisite: LP764 Neurobiology of Leadership