Executive Coaching Practicum and Supervision

ORG EC575 - Executive Coaching Practicum and Supervision

Credits: 2

An essential element of learning effective, professional executive coaching is the supervised practical application of its core competencies. Each student in this practicum will meet regularly with a highly experienced master executive coach on an individual basis as well as in peer-supervision sessions. The supervision sessions are focused on the application of everything the students will have learned in the program as well as their own unique, development needs as professional executive coaches. They can use their own actual, current executive coaching assignments for the practicum (if they have them) or the program will help them find executives or other leaders who are seeking a coaching experience. The students will maintain careful notes of their coaching sessions and a journal of their plans, reactions, and learning from the cases under supervision. Peers will provide feedback and suggestions along with the expert guidance and coaching of the master-coach practicum supervisors. Pre-requisite: EC525.