Applied Organizational Psychology

ORG FP730 - Applied Organizational Psychology

Credits: 2

This two part year long course prepares and supports students in application of organizational psychology skills in the field. The two weeks of online preparation (August 6-19, 2012) includes completing all paper work required for placement at a client site, getting savvy about distance learning, and psychological considerations upon entering a professional development program. After August 19th there will be monthly live webinars and small assignments that support students’ work in the field and ensure students learn contracting skills, gain exposure to various examples of the work of organizational psychologists in the field, other professional development experiences, ethical considerations encountered in field work, and support with their capstone work and academic writing. Multiculturalism and diversity topics including learning style, cultural differences and norms will also be explored to increase self-awareness and sensitivity to diversity in client settings. Note this class has two parts 720 and 721 (1 credit per semester) runs over the course of the year and is a requirement for graduation. Pre-requisite: Must be an MAOP Student.