Ethics and Standards of Practice in Leadership

ORG LP705 - Ethics and Standards of Practice in Leadership

Credits: 3

This course is designed to teach students the ethics, values and goals of professional organizational psychology practitioners working with human systems. Students will learn standards of practice that ensure as practitioners they assist their clients in generating valid diagnostic information, making free and informed choices and building increased capacity and sustainability. The course will also focus on leading without authority’ and relationship building with the client leaders in order to influence positive behavioral change. The ethics of working within human systems will be considered and applied to real world case studies to prepare students for practicum work. Practitioner consulting roles will be explored to ensure students build capacity with clients versus dependence. Students will analyze the role of leaders in fostering and practicing ethical behavior in relationship to the organizational practitioner role. Students will also consider the sensitivity to difference and multicultural awareness of leaders and impacts on the culture of an organization. Case studies, self-assessment exercises, interactive online discussions that connect formal knowledge with real world experiences, and reading assignments will be utilized to explore basic frameworks practicing ethically in organizations.