Leadership of Educational Institutions

ORG LP708 - Leadership of Educational Institutions

Credits: 2

This course prepares scholarly practitioners to deepen their knowledge and develop the skills needed to provide effective educational leadership in academic settings. The course uses state and national standards for school leaders including the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders established by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration as a framework for introducing the critical dimensions of educational leadership. Standards established by the National Policy Board provide a research-based understanding of the critical relationship between educational leadership and student learning. 

During this course, students will explore the challenges involved in applying the standards and their interrelationship to a variety of educational contexts.  As part of the exploration of how to apply standards to the day to day workings of schools, students will study and apply tenets of improvement science as a means of addressing complex, systemic issues within educational institutions. Improvement science provides an organizational framework for studying complex educational issues that focuses on fundamental drivers to a problem so that leaders can apply leverage to shift the conditions within an environment in order to achieve solutions to complex problems.