Statistics 1: Survey Design and Analysis

ORG LP729 - Statistics 1: Survey Design and Analysis

Credits: 3

Understanding and being able to create, administer, and evaluate surveys of all types is an important skill for the organizational psychologist. Students will demonstrate fluency with the fundamentals of research design, research questions, and hypotheses and hypotheses testing. Students will create a survey to gather data on an organizational psychology phenomenon they want to study. Based on the science of scale development students will design an instrument to test theories in leadership psychology. They will use Qualtrics to administer the online survey to collect data. Results will be analyzed in SPSS. The survey will allow students to work with real time data to learn basic statistical methods including measures of central tendency, variability, and correlations. In addition, students will evaluate the psychometric properties of their scales by testing for validity, reliability and test dimensionality (factor analysis).