Empower, Excite, Engage: Leadership and Motivation

ORG LP914 - Empower, Excite, Engage: Leadership and Motivation

Credits: 2

Concepts of motivation explain the how and why of individual behavior. This course focuses on both the underlying theories of motivation as well as the application of those theories to organizations, employee behavior, and leadership theories. Students will discuss and analyze theories of motivation from early theories (e.g., Kurt Lewin) to modern cognitive theories of motivation (e.g., self-regulation and goal systems theory). The application and relevance of these theories to different cultures will be discussed. Students will then examine theories of motivation within the context of organizational psychology, including literature on engagement, burnout, and job satisfaction. Finally, students will apply their knowledge, gained through evaluation of basic theories, to inform their understanding of organizations and workplaces. Using these theories, students will be designing interventions and trainings to address these issues. Theories of motivation will also be used to illuminate other areas of psychology including the impact on clinical psychology and the psychology of terrorism.