Field Experience 2 – LPsyD Seminar / Practicum

ORG LP922 - Field Experience 2 – LPsyD Seminar / Practicum

Credits: 2

This course is for doctoral students who have completed the Field Experience 1 pre-requisite course. This a required course in the LPsyD program. 

In this practicum experience, students are closely supervised as they undertake consultation activities in organizations, research, or higher-education settings. The purpose of practicum is to enable students to apply the theories and practice the skills/competencies learned in their courses. Students will complete 75 hours practicum experience throughout the duration of the course. 

To complement and support their practicum work, students will attend a weekly seminar working with a master practitioner and peers. The purpose of seminar is to provide faculty supervision and enable students to reflect upon their fieldwork activities. Students gain experience as peer coaches while learning from their peers’ practicum experiences, as well. Students will complete 45 hours of seminar-related work throughout the duration of the course.