The Psychology of 21st Century Leadership and Followership

ORG OL600 - The Psychology of 21st Century Leadership and Followership

Credits: 3

Given complex changes linked to the increasingly global economy and diverse multicultural workforce of the 21st century, relational dynamics between leaders and followers have changed in a way that make understanding of psychological concepts related to these dynamics a required skill for modern leaders. Followers are no longer viewed as the passive actors they were seen as in the past and there is a greater understanding of the multi-directionality of choices and actions between leaders and followers in the workplace. In addition, a great deal of research on leadership styles and behaviors has shown how the leader-follower relationship impacts individual, group, and larger systemic experiences and goal attainment. In this course, students will explore the psychology of leader-follower dynamics and the importance of leadership behaviors in creating positive and inclusive work cultures that allow the individuals and the greater organization to thrive.