Organizational Leadership Online MA Program Curriculum Map

We enroll new cohorts every Spring (January) and Fall (late-August). The sequence of your courses will vary depending on the semester that you enroll. Below is the curriculum sequence for January. The courses listed under Semester 2 will always be taken in the summer. If you have any questions, please connect with

Semester 1
ORG ST500 - Foundations of Organizational Development (credits: 3) 
ORG OL602 - Identifying High Performance Leaders: Assessment and Practicum (credits: 4) 
ORG OP600 - Leadership and the Use of Self (credits: 3) 
ORG PR851 - Capstone 1 (credits: 1) 

Semester 2
ORG ST501 - Designing Organizations, Groups and Teams (credits: 3) 
ORG OL606 - The Brain in Business: Neuroscience of Leadership (credits: 3) 
ORG OL601 - Exploring the Darkside of Leadership: Ethics and Power (credits: 2) 

Semester 3
ORG TM610 - Business Strategy and Organizational Life Cycle (credits: 3) 
ORG OL603 - Principles and Practices of International Leadership (credits: 3) 
ORG OL600 - The Psychology of 21st Century Leadership and Followership (credits: 3) 
ORG PR852 - Capstone 2 (credits: 2) 

Total number of courses required for the degree: 11
Total credit hours required for degree: 30

Other requirements:
20 hours of supervised field placement work on leadership assessment. 
Capstone Thesis/Project

Attend an Admissions Event

Attend an OLP Admissions Event