MA in Organizational Psychology

Organizational and Leadership Psychology

How Will You Master Change For Your Organization?

Advance your career in the high-demand fields of organizational development and change management, without having to leave your job or relocate. Through our accelerated 11-month program, online-only or with weekends-in-residence, you gain a sound theoretical foundation integrated with strong emphasis on practical applications to ground you in the essentials of learning and change.

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Maryellen O'Leary“The [William James] community consists of skilled, highly educated professionals that are supportive, encouraging [and] dedicated to the success of their students. They want us to succeed and are always there when needed.”

Maryellen O’Leary
MA in Organizational Psychology Student

Our Philosophy, Your Experience

At William James College, you will combine your classroom knowledge with hands-on experience to get a well-rounded and integrated education. Our curriculum combines an understanding of theory, training, and practice as you develop into a culturally responsive professional. You will be surrounded by like-minded faculty, staff, and peers who, like you, are dedicated to bringing high-quality services to culturally diverse clients, agencies, and organizations. With this training, you will be prepared to make a difference in our communities.

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At William James, you'll gain exceptional training in a supportive, student-centered learning environment, with instruction and guidance provided by leading practitioners in the field. Throughout your studies, you'll experience our integrative philosophy of training and education, with application of classroom instruction in structured field experiences. Underlying this approach to professional training, is a sustained focus on your personal and professional development, with an orientation towards community service, and respect for those you'll serve.

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