JCCO Staff: Ksera Dyette, PsyD, BCB

Ksera Dyette

Ksera Dyette, PsyD, BCB

Psychologist, Suffolk & Norfolk Counties

Dr. Dyette is a Massachusetts Licensed Clinical Psychologist and registered Health Service Provider. She is also Board Certified in Biofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Dr. Dyette provides forensic evaluation services to the court clinics in Suffolk & Norfolk counties and heads up managing the psychological assessment libraries for both court clinics. Dr. Dyette’s areas of interest include trauma, psychological assessment, teaching, and racial/cultural sensitivity. In addition to her work at the court clinics, Dr. Dyette maintains a private practice working with youth and adults with developmental difficulties and delays, trauma, and family conflict.

Prior to joining the court clinic’s in April 2019, Dr. Dyette worked at a large group practice in Massachusetts seeing children and adults in individual and family therapy and providing psychological assessment services. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship on the inpatient child and adolescent units and outpatient developmental disability services at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School in 2017 and is actively involved in national and international psychological societies. Dr. Dyette has a number of publications in the area of child institutionalization, highlighting how to create alternative placements for system involved youth.