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We welcome your interest in the works of William James College faculty and alumni. Books written by William James College authors represent a diversity of interests and scholarship, and are listed below by date of publication. We recognize and honor the dedication of those who have published books, which continue to be an important vehicle for conveying knowledge and stimulating insight on a topic.

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Author Title Publisher Release Year
Katherine King The Well Helper: Get Ahead of Burnout, Thrive at Work, and Unlock the Personal Growth Potential of the Helping Professions Independent 2024
Jennifer Card Leadership Equanimity: The New Super Skill for Leaders Tellwell 2023
Bryan Cutliff Deep Excellence: Seeing and Hearing a Culture of Deep Excellence S A Partners 2023
Laura McHale Neurowissenschaften für die Organisationskommunikation SpringerNature 2023
Elizabeth Cronin Mindfulness Journal for Mental Health Rockridge Press 2022
Laura McHale Neuroscience for Organizational Communication: A Guide for Communicators and Leaders Palgrave Macmillan 2022
Tayler Rose Solana's Guide to Mind Monsters Lulu Publishing 2022
Gretchen Voolich The VOOreka™ Vibe Volume One: An Original Coaching Cartoon by Gretchen Voolich BookBaby 2022
Candice Weigle-Spier Our Covid Clinic: A Community Responds to the Pandemic Kindle 2022
Magdalena Fosse The Many Faces of Polyamory: Longing and Belonging in Concurrent Relationships Routledge 2021
Yoon Im Kane Women, Intersectionality, and Power in Group Psychotherapy Leadership Routledge 2021
Jodi Rosenfeld Closer to Fine She Writes Press 2021
Jayakanth Srinivasan Helping Soldiers Heal: How the US Army Created a Learning Mental Health Care System Cornell University Press 2021
Cynthia Williams Building a Better Me: A Workbook for Building Imagination and Empathy For All Ages  Independently Published 2021
Cynthia Williams Building a Better Me: A Workbook for Using Art and Experience in Social Skills For All Ages Independently Published 2021
Mary Baures Awaking Awe: An Illustrated Journey to Reverence Merrimack Media 2020
Joan Wallace Benjamin Leading a Life in Balance: Principles of Leadership from the Executive Suite to the Family Table Joan Wallace-Benjamin Consulting, LLC 2020
Richard Leo Jacobs The Journey: a Psychologist's Path   2020
Yoon Im Kane The Mindfulness Workbook for Depression Rockridge Press 2020
Gayle Macklem Brief interventions at school: Integrating research into practice Springer 2020
Craig Murphy, John D’Auria The Influential School Leader Routledge 2020
Annie Stopford Trauma and Repair: Confronting Segregation and Violence in America. Lexington Books 2020
Kristen Toohill All Work and Some Play: Future-Proof Your Career Through Games   2020
Bruce Ecker High-Impact Assessment Reports for Children and Adolescents: A Consumer-Responsive Approach Guilford Press 2019
Gayle Macklem and Arlene Silva Lessons from School Psychology: Practical strategies and evidence-based practice fro professionals and parents Routledge 2019
Sue Morris Overcoming Grief: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques Robinson, UK 2018/2008
Brian Ott Staring Down Panic: Your Guide to Effectively Confronting Anxiety With Exposure and Response Prevention Lulu Publishing 2018
Kristen Toohill Buffalo Facilitator's Workbook: A Guide to Leading Conversations to Reduce Implicit Bias   2018
Robin Deutsch Overcoming Parent-Child Contact Problems:  Family-based interventions for Resistance, Rejection, and Alienation Oxford University Press 2017
Judy Leavitt The Anatomy of a Couples Therapy Session: The 50 Minute Hour in Eight Stages Routledge 2017
Sue Morris An Introduction to Coping with Grief Robinson, UK 2017/2010
Lisa Prior Take Charge of Your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get from Your Boss Nexus Impress LLC 2017
Elinor Svenson Still Becoming: Conversations with People in Their Sixties Right Coast Press 2017
Mary Baures Love Heals Baby Elephants: Rebirthing Ivory Orphans Merrimack Media 2015
Nadja Reilly Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide to Fostering Self-Regulation in Young Students Norton 2015
Gayle Macklem Preventive Mental Health at School: Evidence-based Services for Students Springer 2014
Geri Fuhrmann Evaluation for Child Custody: Best Practices in Forensic Mental Health Assessment Oxford University Press 2012
Geri Fuhrmann Evaluation for Child Custody: Best Practices in Forensic Mental Health Assessment Oxford University Press 2012
Judy Leavitt The Sexual Alarm System: Women's Unwanted Response to Sexual Intimacy and How to Overcome It Jason Aronson 2012
Robin Deutsch 7 Things Your Teenager Won't Tell You: And How to Talk About Them Anyway Ballantine Books 2011/2005
Raymond Levy Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research: Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence Springer Press 2011
Gayle Macklem Evidence-based school mental helath services: Affect education, Emotion regulation training, and cognitive behavioral therapy Springer 2011
Jayakanth Srinivasan Beyond the Lean Revolution: Achieving Successful and Sustainable Enterprise Transformation AMACOM Press 2010
Judy Leavitt Common Dilemmas in Couple Therapy Routledge 2009
Raymond Levy Evidence-Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Springer Press 2009
Erlene Rosowsky (Rosowsky, E, Casciani, J., Arnold, M.), Geropsychology and Long Term Care: A Practitioner's Guide Springer Press 2009
Erlene Rosowsky (Segal, D., Coolidge, F., Rosowsky, E.), Personality Disorders and Older Adults: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment John Wiley and Sons 2006
Jodie Kliman Touched by War Zones, near and far: Oscillations of despair and hope American Family Therapy Academy 2005
Erlene Rosowsky (Rosowsky, E. and Casciani, J.), Long Term Care Professional Education Manual Western Illinois University Press 2003
Erlene Rosowsky (Rosowsky, E., Abrams, R., and Zweig, R.), Personality Disorders in Older Adults: Emerging Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment Lawrence Erlbaum 1999
Mary Baures Undaunted Spirits – Portraits of Recovery from Trauma The Charles Press 1994
Joe Gorin Choose Love: A Jewish Buddhist Human rights Activist in Central America Parallax Press, Berkeley, CA 1993

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