Student Ambassador: Kevin Narine

Faculty Name

Kevin Narine

Student Ambassador, Clinical Psychology PsyD

Hometown New York
College University of Pennsylvania
Program Clinical Psychology, PsyD
Class of 2025

I am a clinical psychology doctoral student at WJC, where I am a Serving the Mental Health Needs of the Underserved Scholarship Recipient and a Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health (CMGMH) Fellow. I am emphasizing in Asian Mental Health. I received his Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018. Prior to graduate school, I was trained as a research assistant at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania under Dr. Edna Foa. My research and clinical interests include developing and implementing affirmative, evidence-based treatments for anxiety-related disorders and trauma-related disorders in culturally diverse communities, including marginalized subgroups within the LGBTQ+ community (e.g., racial/ethnic minorities). In addition, I am interested in the traumatic sequalae of racism and ways in which systemic oppression relate to the development and maintenance of anxiety and trauma-related conditions.

At WJC, I am a student research assistant at CMGMH and McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School’s Cognition and Affect Research and Education (CARE) lab. I assists in projects related to cultural factors impacting disparities (e.g., suicide risk) and treatment response. I am also a teaching assistant for several courses in the clinical psychology department.

For new students, I recommend that you connect with mentors in WJC’s faculty listing who share similar interests and discuss potential goals in the program (e.g., getting training in evidence-based treatments, involvement in research, etc.). Additionally, I recommend finding friends who care about and support you throughout your training.