Student Ambassador: Tonya Echols, PCC, CPA

Photo of Tonya Echols

Tonya Echols, PCC, CPA

Student Ambassador, Leadership Psychology PsyD

Hometown Georgia
College(s) Gonzaga University
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Program Leadership Psychology PsyD
Class of 2025

My journey to William James College is perhaps unconventional, yet looking back at my path and forward to the future confirms that every step was meant to be for my life.

With almost three decades of experience in corporate leadership, I have experienced almost every scenario one might imagine. After years of hands-on leadership in media, technology, and finance, I founded my own coaching and consulting firm to support the development of actionable, inclusive, and human-centric solutions that allow people to accomplish their goals and become impactful, transformational leaders and organizations.

As a voracious learner, my curiosity for knowledge has been a constant thread throughout my life. After years outside of a formal academic setting after my undergraduate studies, I recognized I had a deep desire to re-enter the classroom as a student to deepen my knowledge of leadership and returned to earn my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. I thoroughly enjoyed that program, but I was not sure if I wanted to pursue doctoral studies at all until I found WJC’s Leadership Psychology PsyD program. The program’s curriculum and concentration in Neuroscience captured my immediate attention, and after my initial interactions with faculty, I knew that William James was where I wanted to continue my education. Every course I have taken during my time here has allowed me to expand my personal mindset and awareness as well as better support the clients I partner with in my business. I have also seen the program grow and create new offerings like the Inclusive Leadership concentration that allow me to enhance the focus of my studies even further.

I am so happy that William James and the Leadership Psychology PsyD program are a part of my journey. The experience has provided me with invaluable learning and helped open up opportunities that I would have never expected.