Diversity at William James College

William James College is an institution and a community committed to the principles of excellence, fairness and respect for all people.  As part of this commitment, we have a responsibility to provide and sustain multiple cultures, to encourage scholarship and knowledge, and to demonstrate our commitment to fair and equal access to higher education.  While the concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect, it is also about moving beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate diversity.

Diversity includes incorporation of multiple voices, recognition of the value of difference, and inclusion of groups that experience discrimination or under representation.  This includes a prohibition against discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital or parental status, veteran status, or socio-economic/class status.  Our equal opportunity commitment affirmatively protects all staff, students, alumni and applicants ensuring that all decisions whether employment or academic, are based on the unique contributions each member can make to our community.

In the tradition of William James, who championed diversity and access to education across race and gender lines.

We recognize:

  • the richness of commonalities and differences we share as a college community;
  • the intrinsic value of all who work and study here;
  • the vital importance of each member of our community having the freedom to be wholly themselves in the context of our environment;
  • that our work is enhanced by investigation of and reflection upon multiple perspectives. 

Our mission is to: Promote a diverse and inclusive environment to achieve superior institutional and academic results. Toward these ends, we will make every effort to:

  • ensure that we have an environment that welcomes, supports, and values all members of our community;
  • support the ability of all members of our community to meet their educational and professional potential;
  • ensure that open communication exists to address any concerns related to diversity and inclusion;
  • effectively prepare clinician-leaders for a pluralistic world.

Read about some of our recent students events and experience our Juneteenth Celebration through our video:

Diversity in Action at William James College 
William James College hosted two great student events that explored diversity through art and conversation. Read more here.

Juneteenth Celebration, June 19, 2017
William James College held its first annual Juneteenth Celebration  in 2017 with guest speaker, Dr. Shani Dowd, spoken word, music, personal reflections, and delicious food.

Events Recognizing the Richness of Diversity

Fall 2016

  • Brown Bag Discussion Series – Supporting and celebrating diversity at WJC
  • Colombia Peace Agreement Discussion
  • Brown Bag Discussion Series – Supporting the transgender community
  • Celebrating National Coming Out Day with cake!
  • Para-Verbal Communications in Psychotherapy Beyond the Words
  • Global Mental Health Day
  • Black Mental Health Academy Inaugural Celebration
  • Deconstructing the Haitian Parenting Myth: Transforming the Educational Lives of Haitian Youth
  • Brown Bag Discussion Series – Building bridges during times of decisiveness
  • Teaching Older Adults Social Media Skills
  • Social Event at Kings organized by the student groups ALANAA, Military and Veterans Group, and the Rainbow Alliance
  • Viewing of the documentary ‘13th’ followed by group discussion
  • Implications of Islamophobia
  • Latino Mental Health Program Fiesta
  • Mentoring Young Black Boys

Spring 2017

  • Brown Bag Discussion Series – Multiracial Identities: perceptions versus realities
  • An Evening of Gratitude, Hope, and Reflection: Celbrating Diversity Through Spoken Word, Art, Song, and Dance
  • Mardi Gras Celebration
  • Flim screening of Wawa No Cidal
  • Re-Envisioning the Brilliance of Boys of Color: Inspiring Professionals Dedicated to Empowering the Social-Emotional and Academic Development of Our Youth
  • More to come...
Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

If you are interested in learning about the Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion you may click through here.  Please note that this document is only accessible to current members of the William James Community.  Since its implementation the College has worked on the recommendations listed in the Strategic Plan.  You are able to view the College’s progress here

Center of Excellence for Multicultural and Global Mental Health


Diversity in Action: Student Events

Dare to Speak Group