• CMGMH Symbolizing Collaboration

    The mission of the Center is to train, educate, mentor, and prepare a cadre of professionals to address mental health disparities, and serve culturally diverse individuals and communities locally and across the globe.

  • CMGMH - Ethnically Diverse Youth

    The Center's vision is to inspire and empower students, clinicians, educators, and other providers as agents of social justice with a passion for and commitment to serving historically marginalized populations.

  • CMGMH Multicultural Family

    CMGMH is comprised of academic programs at William James College that focus primarily on historically marginalized groups and underserved communities.

  • CMGMH Diverse Group of Friends

    CMGMH offers transformative immersion experiences that will expose, inform, and deepen students' knowledge, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and cultural fluency.

Annual Haitian Mental Health Conferences and Art Exhibitions

5th Annual Haitian Art ExhibitionSoul Searching: An Exploration of Haitian Spirituality through Visual Arts, May 2-June 22, 2016. This event was organized by the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts and the Haitian Mental Health Network in collaboration with William James College (WJC), Brockton Arts and Caribbean Arts Gallery.

Highlights from the 4th Annual Conference on Haitian Mental Health & Art Exhibition, 2015

Highlights from the 3rd Annual Conference on Haitian Mental Health & Art Exhibition, 2014

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Conference on Haitian Mental Health & Art Exhibition, 2013

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Multicultural and Global Mental Health Spotlight

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