CLI CX525 - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Credits: 2

This course will review the theoretical underpinnings of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), its adaptations, and its application to treat a wide-range of young childhood (ages 2-7) psychological disorders. Students will be introduced to the core components of PCIT (Child-Directed and Parent-Directed interaction) along with the application of these components. The course will address the conceptualization of young children for whom PCIT would be recommended as well as when to use standard PCIT versus its adaptations to address differential diagnoses. This is a practice-oriented class where students will learn to apply PCIT assessments, formulation, core skills, and on-going evaluation of treatment progress in PCIT. Consideration will be given to therapeutic alliance, work with parents, cultural factors, and ethics in treating young children.