Clinical Psychology Department

Department Overview

Choose a Dynamic and Rewarding Career

With our Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology degree, you have the opportunity to work intimately with people at the core of their personal challenges. Through a combination of rigorous academic instruction with expert faculty and varied field education opportunities, you will be prepared to enter the field as a highly-trained and culturally-responsive practicing clinician.

You can choose to receive training across a diverse selection of courses as a generalist, or choose to focus your study in one of our many concentration areas. If you are committed to applying the science of psychology to help individuals, groups, families and systems, and wish to prepare for a multi-dimensioned career serving in a variety of roles, our Clinical Psychology PsyD program will provide you with high-quality education and training to achieve your career goals.

Discover More In-Depth Training

Explore our program and college-wide concentrations. You can choose to focus in one of our concentration areas: