College Mental Health Practice

CLI CX540 - College Mental Health Practice

Credits: 2

This course presents students with a broad overview of professional practice in the contemporary college mental health setting and provides them with an advanced forum for exploring and discussing their field experiences with college student populations. Topic areas covered include: a developmental and systemic / ecological perspective of college student mental health; the role of the counseling center and counseling center therapist in the campus community; current issues and controversies in college mental health (including but not limited to ethical, diagnostic, and treatment dilemmas); and the major clinical and developmental presentations common to the setting, including: adjustment issues; homesickness; academic underachievement; learning disabilities; anxiety and mood disorders; substance abuse disorders; eating disorders; learning disabilities; the suicidal student; the and special issues pertinent to working with LGBTQ students; international students; ethnic minority students; returning students / mature learners; returning veterans; and students with chronic medical and / or chronic psychiatric illnesses. Against this very broad backdrop, the course will present a practical framework for therapeutic interventions that are developmentally-focused, evidence-based, and mindful of issues of diversity as applicable. An added feature of this course is a workshop in short-term psychotherapy with college populations.