Substance Abuse and Addictions in Military and Veteran Communities

CLI MV522 - Substance Abuse and Addictions in Military and Veteran Communities

Credits: 1

This course will focus on the epidemiology, identification, prevention, and treatment of alcohol and other drug use, including prescription medication, in active military personnel, veterans, and their families. Using a combination of lecture, audio-visual materials, and student presentations, students will examine up-to-date data concerning rates and patterns of drug and alcohol abuse in the military and veteran populations, explore the relationship between substance abuse and suicide, and investigate how depression and post-traumatic stress in service members are related to patterns of acute and chronic substance abuse. In addition to reviewing contemporary research, such as the Millennium Cohort Study, that establishes an empirical link between combat exposure and increased risk of alcohol dependence, this course will also emphasize the importance of prevention strategies before, during, and after deployment. Evidence-based treatment models will be examined, as well as emerging trends including internet-linked interventions and the use of drug courts with veterans. Emphasis will be placed on individual and cultural differences that impact the assessment and treatment of substance abuse problems in these populations. Pre-requisites: CLI SB700, or COU SB515 (May be taken concurrently with CLI MV522).