Military Psychology and Culture

CLI MV545 - Military Psychology and Culture

Credits: 2

This course will examine the active duty and post-discharge experiences of service members, and their families, who have served in the United States military. It will focus on those men and women who are returning to civilian life after serving in the current and recent conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. The physical and psychological demands of life in the military will be studied, as well as the impact of military service on the individual service member's physical and mental/behavioral health. The course will also address the challenges faced by psychologists and other mental health professionals evaluating and treating military veterans and their families, including the acquisition and development of cultural competence. Students will learn about a broad range of organizational, psychological, social and family issues that are part of the study and practice of Military Psychology. Students will also learn about the roles and responsibilities of psychologists in the military, including assessment, intervention, consultation, operations and training.