Neuropsychological Assessment

CLI NP601 - Neuropsychological Assessment

Credits: 3

This course is designed as an intermediate-level course that builds upon the basic principles learned in the WJC psychological assessment sequence as well as the functional neuroanatomy course and applies them to the field of neuropsychology.  During this course, students will learn about the theoretical and practical issues surrounding neuropsychological assessment in pediatric and adult populations as well as within the major cognitive domains (e.g., attention, executive functioning, language, visuospatial processing, memory).  Specific assessment instruments within the various domains will be reviewed, and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each measure will be discussed.  Additionally, students will begin to develop skills in report writing.  Class discussions and readings will explore how a neuropsychological evaluation can be used to better understand the complex relationship between nervous system function, cognition, emotion, and behavior, and to apply this knowledge to the design of individualized patient interventions.