Personality Assessment

CLI PA602 - Personality Assessment

Credits: 3

This course introduces students to the construction and evaluation of objective assessment measures of personality and psychopathology. It covers the rationale, administration, scoring, and interpretation of common objective measures such as the MMPI-2, the PAI, and the Millon scales as well as of measures of normal personality such as the NEO and CPI. In addition to these broadband measures, narrow band measures such as the Beck Inventories and objective screening measures will be introduced. The appropriate application of these tests and the ethical considerations regarding their use in clinical and non-clinical settings will be discussed. Psychometric issues that were introduced in PA601 such as norms, reliability, and validity, will be reinforced, and confirmatory factor analysis will be introduced to help students evaluate objective tests. Through in-class instruction and practical application, students will critically examine the appropriateness of item selection in terms of language, gender and cultural bias.

Pre-requisites: PA601 and PY522.