Program Development and Evaluation

CLI PD850 - Program Development and Evaluation

Credits: 2

As healthcare transformation changes opportunities and demands, clinical psychologists will increasingly need to be able to design and develop, manage, and evaluate clinical and other psychologically-informed programs for organizations.  This course will orient and introduce students to an approach to these topics, using a practice model, to prepare them to be critical consumers and to be able to include these tasks in their professional duties.  This class will apply the concept of responsive methodology, matching professional contributions to specific goals given relevant stakeholders, program development stage, and the relevant step in the process of designing, achieving and evaluating results.  Students will be trained in the development, monitoring and evaluation (DM&E) model of thinking about programs and services and given hands-on practice each step in DM&E, leading up to a final draft grant submission for a program of their own design. 

Note: This course was formerly approved as RS527.