Psychodynamic Theory

CLI PT700 - Psychodynamic Theory

Credits: 2

This course is designed to introduce students to essential concepts and assumptions of psychodynamic theory. The course will review the historical beginnings of early psychoanalysis, and then reflect on the many changes in theory that have culminated in current tensions and controversies within the field. Using a comparative framework, students will study the basic concepts of drive theory, ego psychology, objects relations theory, self psychology, and contemporary relational theory. Particular attention will be paid to concepts such as conflict, the unconscious, defense, transference, counter transference, and inter-subjectivity. The course will introduce students to the application of psychoanalytic concepts to clinical work, facilitating their ability to approach clinical material, including therapeutic process, from multiple dynamic perspectives. Open only to students in the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. Pre-requisites: LS659, PS600 and PS603.