CLI RS525 - Research

Credits: 2

This course is the first of a two-course sequence that will introduce WJC students to the entire range of research methods, quantitative and qualitative. This first half will focus upon the traditional, quantitative approaches, but also raise issues related to less-quantitative approaches as well. The course sequence is intended to make you "educated consumers" of research in clinical psychology, so that: a) you can critically incorporate published research results into your practice, and b) be able, yourself, should the spirit move you, to conduct a research project with a credible methodology. The emphasis throughout the year will be upon stating researchable questions in ways that can be systematically investigated, designing studies to answer such questions adequately, being aware of the appropriate types of analysis for various designs, developing knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches, and knowing how to critically evaluate studies that others have conducted. Open only to students in the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology. Pre-requisite or co-requisite: RS526.