Leadership and Management of Systems

CLI ST850 - Leadership and Management of Systems

Credits: 2

The policies and systems within which clinical psychologists practice determine their professional roles and effectiveness.  The evolving goals and requirements of those systems are major factors that influence clinical practice.  Systems leaders’ strategy and management practices for meeting those goals and requirements are also critical to clinical psychologists’ opportunities and success.  This course will prepare students to adapt their professional functioning to changing demands in the systems in which they will work.  Students will be oriented to the impact of the evolving status of professional systems, including educational, child welfare, senior services, justice, business, government and particularly healthcare, on their clinical practice.  As healthcare undergoes significant transformation, psychologists will need to influence healthcare and other systems to use their contributions effectively.  To prepare for these demands, this course will also introduce students to the fundamentals of  leadership and how it operates in service organizations.  Students will develop a greater understanding of the responsibilities and methods of effective leadership, they will become more aware of how to support systems to meet their goals, and they will acquire new knowledge to enhance their leadership abilities.