Meeting the Needs of Returning Veterans

CLI TR540 - Meeting the Needs of Returning Veterans

Credits: 2

This course will focus on the experiences and mental health needs of military personnel and their families, particularly those who are returning to civilian life after serving in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The psychological requirements of soldiers, particularly during war and most poignantly as they return to civilian life are often unfamiliar territory for psychologists. While the Veterans Administration department was created to provide medical and mental health care to this population, only ten percent of veterans make use of the VA. Most veterans receive medical and mental health care through civilian avenues which means that most psychologists will, at some point in their career, work with clients who are also veterans. The class will discuss the experiences of soldiers and it will explore assessment and diagnostic issues that may be related to military service. It will examine some of the particular stressors faced by this population and their families and how professionals might intervene. Through readings, videos, assignments, and class exercises, students will become comfortable working with clients who have military experience. The class will explore the VA system and other services that may be useful resources for both clinicians and veterans. Particular stressors are faced by spouses and family members of active duty service members and veterans, and this class will also explore the challenges faced by families with members who are away on active duty, as well as families that are coping with someone who is re-integrating into civilian life. Pre-requisite: Permission of the instructor.